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How to Use Social Media in Affiliate Marketing

How to Use Social Media in Affiliate Marketing

The key to effective social media marketing is the exact same as the key to effective content marketing: providing value.

This is something that a huge number of businesses have absolutely no idea how to do and that results in some very poorly managed social media.

Take a look at the social media pages of your typical local B2B companies and you will find that they tend to post some rather uninspiring and vapid statuses and posts. You’ll see things like:

“Find out why our contact management solution is the best in the business!”


” Order our EPOS system today to start serving your customers better!”

This is nothing but blatant self-promotion and not even interesting self-promotion. Ask yourself: why would anyone be interested in following that? What are they gaining by reading your posts?

One of the single most important questions to ask when looking at your social media or your content is: would you read it? If not, then you need to do something to make it more interesting!

That means that your social media now needs to provide some kind of purpose for the viewer. It should be interesting, it should be entertaining, it should be useful or it should be inspiring.

Inspiring social media can work particularly well. Take a look at Instagram and you’ll find lots of accounts filled with people wearing stunning clothes, posing to show off their rippling muscles or even just showing off their wealthy lifestyle. There are the travel accounts with lots of pictures of beautiful mountain ranges and sunsets.

Why do these work? People because see those channels and they feel inspired– they live vicariously through them and they enjoy daydreaming about having a life like that! They know that if they follow that account, then they’ll be shown much more similarly inspiring posts and they can continue to live the dream.

And guess what? When you then promote a piece of clothing or an ebook on how to get fit, they listen.

Examples of popular Facebook pages are things like ‘IFL Science’, which posts links to articles with some really eye-catching titles and gets tons of likes and tons of shares as a result.

The best Twitter accounts are the ones run by personal brands and that let fans feel as though they are really getting to know them with insights into their daily routines, with jokes or with insider tips.

Want to make a splash on Pinterest? How about creating a board to show off life hacks?

The aim again is to provide real value and the way to know if you’re doing this well is to ask yourself: would people be disappointed if you stopped posting to your account? Not just your blog– but your social media channels?

Your social media needs to be able to stand on its own two feet and be something that people enjoy on its own. That’s how you gain followers and shares and that’s how you get people to visit your site and buy your products.

Once again, from there the key is to post regularly and to be consistently on-topic. Don’t create a blog on fitness but continuously post on social media about your love of gardening or people will get tired and they’ll leave.

How frequent should this be? Ideally, the more frequently you post the better. Several times a day is generally recommended, especially since sites like Facebook will only show each post to a small percentage of your followers.

More Tips for Getting Your Social Media

Providing Value in a Dull Niche

One thing you might be wondering is how exactly you provide this kind of entertaining, engaging value when you run a website about life insurance. What could you possibly do on Instagram or on Pinterest that would be appropriate?

The answer is to think not about the service directly but rather about the value proposition and audience. Your aim is to post things that will be interesting to the same demographic and that will be relevant– that doesn’t have to mean that you only ever post directly about life insurance!

People who want to be better Mums and Dads can follow your Instagram, which will be in the same spirit as your business, and once you have their ear, you can recommend life insurance policy X.

Likewise, you could do something similar with a Pinterest account. You could show money-saving hacks, budgeting tips etc. and then use that in order to promote your life insurance as the best financial option, or your website as the best place to learn about life insurance.

Targeting a Specific Audience

Another important tip is to think about your audience and who they are. If you want people to share your posts (this is the best way to ensure that they reach the maximum number of people), then you need to be sure that you are targeting your audience specifically. This is important, seeing as trying to reach too wide an audience will ultimately mean that you don’t specifically appeal to anyone.

This is the mistake that a lot of people make with their posts on ‘How to Get Abs’. They think that they need to appeal to everyone and thus they end up with very safe and very generic content.

Content performs best when it is targeting specifically at a particular type of person. Why do we ever share content?

We communicate by sharing things that we think will appeal to someone we know. If you see a post on ‘How Working From Home Turns Your Brain to Mush’, then you’re going to share that with your friend Bill who works from home as a cheeky joke, as a way to help them work from home better, or perhaps just as a way to show you’re thinking of them.

If you work from home yourself, then you might post it to express how you feel about working from home and to help others to understand you better.

Notice that in both these scenarios, the post only works because it applies to specifically to people who work from home.

While being very specific might appear to exclude potential customers, it makes it much easier for you to market to the particular type of person who is likely to buy from you.

And to make this work you need to spend some time profiling what that person is like. What websites do they spend time on?

You’ll see why this is even more important shortly …

Making a Strong Brand

Once you’ve decided how you’re going to provide value, through sharing your blog posts or by posting images, you then need to make sure that you have a strong brand that will have good visibility and that will tie your social media channels neatly to your website. It’s important that when someone sees a post from you, that they know it’s from that same website they saw the other day.

Make sure you have a good logo and use that as your profile picture or your cover image on each account.

Use the same name wherever possible.

Another tip is to integrate your social media and your website as closely as possible. It will take a while to build up momentum on your social media but one thing you can do to help that along is to add social media buttons to your website so that people can check out your Facebook directly from your website.

Ideally, you will gain new followers each time someone goes to your website and that way, they’ll be more likely to see your future posts and share them, bringing in yet more visitors who can subsequently become followers!

Important is simply to ask people to follow you on social media. This is particularly effective in videos– so if you have a YouTube channel, then don’t be shy to simply ask the people watching to follow you on Twitter and to give them some good reasons to do so! At the end of a blog post why not just ask your readers to share the post with their friends using the handy sharing buttons you provide?

It’s also a good idea to integrate your various different posts to save time and to ensure that you fill each channel with as much content as possible. You can make it so that you post all your Tweets on your Facebook page, or so that each new YouTube video is automatically shared on Twitter.


Don’t forget that social media is still primarily a communication tool. One of the best ways to ensure that people are engaged with you is to actually talk with them and doing something as simple as just following people or liking their pictures.

This will then motivate you to check out their channel and in many cases, to follow it! Just spend some time posting and of course be sure to actually respond to people. Running contests and surveying your audience can also be a very good way to increase engagement and to get a better idea of what your followers want to see from you!

A good example of a contest is to award a follower with a free gift if you get ‘over X number of likes’. This can help you to build more shares and likes as well as being a great way to thank your fans!


As you can see, Social Media is no magic. These tips should cover enough to start a successful page on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. As you might notice, if you want to be successful with online marketing you have to give value first. That is one of the “golden rules” when it comes to online marketing!

How To Monetize Your Blog

How To Monetize Your Blog

There are many reasons to start a blog. One of the main reasons is often to earn enough money with a blog to escape the 9-5 life and start living a life of freedom.

Unlike those bloggers where teenagers share their angst-filled thoughts, you’re blogging as a business.

You’re looking to turn your content into cold, hard cash. And that means you need to create a plan as to how you’re going to monetize your blog.

Let me share with you the following three ways to do it:

1. Sell Your Own Offers

Do you have your own products or services? If so, then your blog is a natural outlet for advertising these offers. And best of all, there are plenty of ways for you to promote your offers on your blog, including:

Using graphical ads. You can place banners and graphics of all sizes in your header, sidebar, footer and even between the content.

Note: A word of warning, however: Just don’t stuff your blog so full of graphical ads that it looks like a circus rather than a blog.This will rather get the people leaving your blog than reading your content.

You can place your text ads in the same places you put your graphical ads. Your blog should be about great content and not be overwhelmed by ads.

This is often one of the best ways to advertise your offers because it puts your ads directly in front of your readers. In other words, you can create blog posts which contain promotions.

Nobody likes to read ad after ad. Your blog readers are coming to your blog for the great content– not the ads.

Instead, you can weave your offers directly into useful content.

Example: If you’re writing a “how to” article about how to lose weight, you might have a step that talks about reducing calories. You can then include a link for your low-calorie cookbook.

If you really are interested in selling your own products I can recommend ClickFunnels. With Clickfunnels it is very easy to build high converting landing pages and sales funnels. (See here my review)

2. Promote Affiliate Products

Usually, if you start blogging you don’t have your own products or services. That is absolutely no problem.

Another option is for you to promote affiliate products on your blog. This includes:

Digital products, such as those found at These are often some of the best products to promote, simply because they usually have high commission rates (50% or more).

Physical products. Because of the overhead and fulfillment costs associated with physical products, these tend to have low commission rates– as little as 5% or 10%. Depending on what you’re selling you may have high conversion rates, especially if you sell through a trusted vendor like

Services. These also tend to have lower commission rates, simply because the vendor is trading his or her time for dollars. There are exceptions, such as certain services which the vendor may have automated or otherwise found out how to do at a low cost.

And some of these programs also award recurring commissions to affiliates. This means that if you sell the program once, you get paid again and again for as long as your referral remains a member of the program.

Here’s a hint: If you want to start selling products, it is always a good idea to start a mailing list. If you want to know how to start with email marketing check out this post!

Let’s say you send your visitor to an affiliate product. Of course, only a small percentage would immediately buy the product.

Again, don’t do too many ads. Try always to bring value first and then advertise.

3. Sell Advertising

Another way to monetize your blog is to sell advertising to other marketers in your niche. Here you can sell banner ads and other graphic ads, text ads, links (especially if your blog has a high Google Page Rank), and even ads embedded directly in your content.

The benefit of this particular monetization method is that you get cash in your pocket no matter what happens with the offer. In other words, you’re not in charge of writing ad copy or trying to figure out how to get your visitors to buy an offer. All you have to do is sell the advertising space and let your advertisers take care of the details.

The money you get per visitor is pretty small. I would always recommend trying affiliate marketing because the earning potential is much bigger and no one wants to see a website with a lot of ads on it.

And of course, you can certainly use more than one method at any time. You just need to do a little testing to see which methods bring you the greatest revenue.

What method did you try on your blog? And what has been your most effective? Let me know by writing a comment below!

How To Setup An Affiliate Program

How To Setup An Affiliate Program

If you want to sell a product over the internet or maybe you are already selling a product over the internet, the best thing you can possibly do to boost your sales is to set up an affiliate program.

In this article, I’m going to show you why you should set up an affiliate program and how you can easily do that.

Why should you set up an affiliate program?

If you want to sell your product online you need a sales funnel. With the right kind of software that can be very easy (learn more here). After building a sales funnel you need traffic. Without traffic, no business can survive.

There are many different traffic sources and they all vary in their quality, price, and effectiveness. For example, there is SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and many more.

And they can all be great selling a product. If you already have a blog with good traffic you can use that (SEO). Or maybe you set up a Google Adwords campaign for your product.

However, if you are selling your own product there is one traffic source that outmatches all other traffic sources and that is affiliate marketing. If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, check out this post.

Why is affiliate marketing so effective?

Let’s say you have a product in the personal development niche. There are already tons of people with a huge email list interested in personal development, there are many blogs with a huge audience in the personal development niche, there are podcasts about personal development with millions of listeners.

Can you see where I’m going with that?

If you can convince the owner of a huge email list that your product can be very helpful for his leads and he accepts that and promotes your product you have access to the size of his email list!

And he can even earn a lot of money too! That’s the perfect win-win situation.

You don’t have to invest any money and you can have thousands of sales! Of course, you have to pay commission for your sales, but hey, you don’t have to set up any marketing campaign or put any effort into marketing.

How to setup your affiliate program

Now that you know why you should set up an affiliate program, we need to have a look at the technical details. I believe that using the right tools can save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to setting up the technical details.

I’m sure there are many tools that can help you set up an affiliate program but I always recommend ClickFunnels (see here my review). With ClickFunnels it is very easy to build high-converting sales funnels and to set up an affiliate program.

In the following, I’ll show you how you can set up an affiliate program with the help of ClickFunnels.

Setting up an affiliate program with ClickFunnels

If you create a sales funnel with ClickFunnels you’ll be able to easily create an affiliate program with Backpack. If you never heard anything about Backpack you can watch this short video:


You only get access to Backpack with the Full ClickFunnels Suite (Sign in here for your free 14 days trial)

Now, I’ll show you the three simple steps you need to do to set up an affiliate program:

Step 1: Add an affiliate program to your funnel

At first, we have to create the affiliate program for your funnel. That means we have to create two more steps in your funnel. We need an affiliate access page and an affiliate program page.

On the access page, new affiliates can register and give you all the information you need, like their name, their email, their PayPal, etc. Your funnel should now look something like this:


The affiliate program page will give your affiliates all the tools they need to successfully promote your product. That includes banners, swipes, etc. The better the material you offer is, the more successful your affiliates will be and the more money you’ll make!

So here it can be really lucrative to invest some time.

Step 2: Set up a commission plan

In this step, you have to decide how much % your affiliates will make by selling your product. Setting up a commission can be a little tricky. The lower the commission will be the more money you’ll make. However, if you set the affiliate percentage too low nobody will be your affiliate.

I would suggest using a percentage of 30-70% for digital products. The higher the commission will be the more affiliates want to promote your products so take some time to come up with a good percentage.

To set up your commission plan go to Backpack and commission plan. Here you need to click on “Add Commission Plan”.

You can now enter a name for your commission plan. The name is not that important, however, you should remember this.

If you know go back to your funnel settings, scroll down to backpack, and enable affiliates you can choose now this commission plan you just have created:


Step 3: Create affiliates types

Now you can go back to Backpack and your commission plan. Here you can now add different types of affiliates. Why should you set up different types?

Well maybe you have a joint venture or ‘VIP affiliates’ (the people with a huge audience) and you want to give them a better commission than the ‘normal’ affiliate.

At the beginning, I think that one type of affiliate is more than enough.

You can also set up different tiers if you want that. For example, if you have a product with a monthly subscription setting up 2 tiers can be very good because that motivates your affiliates to find more affiliates because they can earn more money.

Now your affiliate program is ready and you can start earning commission!

As you can see it is very easy to set up an affiliate program with ClickFunnels. I will show you one extra feature of Backpack that can really help you boost your sales.

Run affiliate contests

You should always try to please your affiliates and find ways to motivate them so they keep promoting your product. A very good way to do that is organizing affiliate contests. The bigger the prices are, the more motivated your affiliates will be.

Russell Brunson once ran an affiliate contest with a brand new Ferrari as the #1 price. Think about how much people started promoting his product! However, it doesn’t always have to be a Ferrari 😀

It can be a cash bonus of $1,000, a nice watch or something like that. Here you can get creative.


There are many good ideas for products out there but many of them fail because of the technical details. However, the technical details aren’t very hard if you use the right tool.

As you can see with ClickFunnels it is very easy to build sales funnels with affiliate programs. Here you can start your 14 days free trial with ClickFunnels.

Have you already set up your affiliate program? Have you used ClickFunnels or some different tool? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Funnel Scripts Review Is It Worth The Money_

Funnel Scripts Review – Is It Worth The Money?

If you look at the website of Funnel Scripts you see the following headline: “To Get All Of Your Sales Letters, scripts and Webinars Slides Written (In Under 10 MinutesWITHOUT Hiring An Expensive Copywriter!”.

But what does this mean and is it worth the money? In this article, I’ll have a closer look at “Funnel Scripts” from Russell Brunson and tell you whether is worth the money or not.

What is Funnel Scripts?

Funnel Scripts is a software that helps you writing high-converting webinar-scripts, Facebook ads, opt-in pages and much more. Writing a high converting sales page can cost a lot of time and effort. And also a lot of money if you don’t know how to structure a sales page.

How does it work?

Let’s say you want to build an opt-in page for a webinar. You already know what you want to say inside your webinar and all the benefits your audience will get from visiting your webinar but you don’t have any idea how to structure your landing page.

Now you can open Funnel Scripts and select webinar scripts. Now you’re going to see something like this:

funnel scripts webinar

As you can see, now you only have to fill in all your information (Title, your name, benefits of the webinar) and click on submit.

Now Funnel Scripts is generating a copy of your opt-in page you can now use. It is that simple!

This YouTube video is showing you some more information about Funnel Scripts:

You can also watch this demo of Funnel Scripts to have a closer look how it works.

Does it work?

I was a little skeptical at the beginning if it really works. I know the products of Russell Brunson are very good, however, I didn’t believe that some software can really help me writing my sales copies.

I used it to write a Facebook ad, an opt-in page, and promotional emails. Usually, I needed about one day to finish all of these things. With the help of Funnel Scripts, I was able to build the whole thing within one hour!

And the conversion has been pretty good. I don’t know if the conversion would be much better if I had written all the stuff myself.

How much does it cost?

Funnel Scripts comes at a cost of $497 per year. That sounds like a lot of money but if you think about it it’s really not. Let’s say you want to sell an information product and you need to create a sales page.

Now you have two options. You can either let someone writing your sales copy or write it yourself. If you want your sales copy having written by an expert you have to pay at least $1,000 per ad copy. The next problem is that you have to find someone who is really good a copywriting.

Finding an expert can also take some time and effort.

If you want to write the ad copy yourself you need to invest a lot of time and effort in creating a high converting sales page. And if you’re not sure how to structure your sales page you could lose a lot of money if you pay for traffic that doesn’t convert.

As you can see, $497 is not that much if you have a closer look at it.

Click here to buy Funnel Scripts

That comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee so I think that’s a pretty good deal.


If you’re working in the online marketing space and you have to write a lot of ad copies like opt-in pages, emails, webinar scripts, etc. I can really recommend using Funnel Scripts. It can save you a lot of time and effort and you’ll be able to launch new products much faster and efficient.

If you want to you can check out this demo and have a closer look at it. Check out the demo here.

Click here to buy Funnel Scripts

Have you already used Funnel Scripts? What do you think about it? Do you think it is worth the money? Let me know by writing a comment below!

How To Start With Clickbank As Affiliate

How To Start With Clickbank As Affiliate

As you know, affiliate marketing is big business.

It’s genius actually …

What better way to get the word out about products and services online than through advertising, right?

The original advertising method was word-of-mouth.

Affiliate marketing is word-of-mouth advertising for the Internet age.

Using a variety of tools, those with an eye for entrepreneurship and an online presence can use their sphere of influence to sell affiliate products using their websites and blogs.

What’s not to like? You get to promote products that appeal to you.

Most affiliate marketers have either used the products they help to sell or it fits with their interests. It is easier to write and speak about an item or service that you identify with. Many products promoted by affiliate marketers would interest their current business customers.

People start businesses in areas where they have previous knowledge. Choosing affiliate products along those lines mean content can do double duty. And, your customers will likely want to hear more about them. In this way, affiliate programs offer additional streams of income for online business owners.

Promote as many affiliate products as you have time for and interest in. sites with affiliate programs offer most of the tools that you need to advertise their products. Best of all, there is no product order fulfillment or customer service questions to answer.

Those who have been using affiliate marketing as a business know all of this already. This business model is also the key to taking your affiliate marketing career to the next level.

Sure, you can continue to earn commissions for others and make a great living at it. What if you could also boost income in your direction?

Maybe you have since developed informational products for your website or an actual product. What’s to stop you from using your affiliate marketing business to enhance the awareness of your services as well?

Affiliate marketing can be used to build your list as well.

Whether you have a blog or a website, there is no substitute for a dedicated group of subscribers who are interested in what you have to say. Increasing that list requires work, research and time. You can kill two birds with one stone (so to speak), by using advanced methods through your affiliate marketing methods, to grow your list as you increase business for affiliate owners. It’s time to raise the roof on your current affiliate marketing projects.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, the easiest way to get started is to target hungry market and choose products to promote from

In Clickbank, you will be promoting digital products. These are downloadable products like ebooks, memberships to websites, videos, software and similar items.

You may find commission rates as high as 50%, 75% or even more on digital products since the vendor doesn’t have as high overhead costs for these products.

Target the Market

You need to target hungry market and find out what the market is already buying, and you’ll sign up for related affiliate programs.

That way, you earn a nice commission every time someone buys one of these products through your link.

So let’s go through the steps required to find these products and then do your due diligence to make sure they’re suitable. These steps include:

  1. Find out what’s already selling.
  2. Research the product.
  3. Check for commission “leaks”.
  4. Join the program and get your affiliate links.

Let’s look at each of these steps in more detail:

Step 1: Find Out What’s Already Selling.

Go to What you want to do is run a search for your niche’s main keywords (like “dog training” or “organic gardening”), and then look for two things:

  1. Bestselling and popular products. Clickbank automatically sorts your results according to bestsellers, meaning the popular products will appear at the top of the results.
  2. Multiple competing products. The second thing you want to look for is whether there are several similar products being sold. For example, if you ran a search for “affiliate marketing” in Clickbank, you ‘d immediately see hundreds of results … and many of these products are nearly identical. That is a GOOD sign because it tells you that the product is so popular that there is plenty of room in the market for competitors to sell similar products.

Now that you have found the top-selling products in your niche, you have to research them:

Step 2: Research the Product and Vendor.

Now you need to make sure that you’re recommending good products to your prospects. That’s because your reputation is very important, and you’ll be developing a relationship with your newsletter subscribers.

If you recommend poor products, you might get your subscribers and other visitors to buy from you once … but never again.

If you consistently recommend good solutions, then your subscribers will come to trust you, and they’ll buy your recommendations again and again.

Your first step is to read or otherwise review the product yourself.

In other words, buy the product and use it.

If it’s an ebook, read it. If it’s a software, use it. You should automatically eliminate any poor-quality products from your list.

Now you have a list of solid products. Your next step is to do some research on Google by searching for the product name and the product creator’s name. You might also do additional searches using words like “review” and “problems” (e.g., [product name] problems). What you’re looking for are any red flags, such as customers complaining about lack of functionality, lack of support, an inability to get a refund and so on.

Once you’ve further narrowed down the list by doing your due diligence on the products and vendors, go to the next step.

Step 3: Check for Commission “Leaks”

You need to make sure that there are no commission leaks on the page.

That is, you need to make sure the vendor hasn’t inadvertently (or deliberately) set up the page in a way that hijacks your commission link or decreases the conversion rate.

Here’s what to look for:

  • Pop up screens with affiliate links.
  • Any type of links or advertisements to other offers on the web page.
  • Non-essential links (basically, anything that doesn’t point to an order form like a blog link, other products, etc).
  • Other forms of payment for which the affiliate doesn’t get credit.
  • A newsletter subscription form, where the newsletter content itself overrides the affiliate cookie.

You can use link shortener link,, etc to hide your affiliate link. Or if you’re familiar with WordPress, there are many affiliate link plugins that are free to use.

Once you’ve completed this check, then move onto the next step …

Step 4: Choose the Best Product.

Now that you’ve done all the research, you can choose the best products from your list.

You’ll do this based on the overall quality of the product, the commission rate and other relevant factors (such as whether you think the sales materials will produce a high visitor-to-buyer conversion rate).

Go ahead and rank these products, with your top pick at the top of.
the list.

While you may promote all of these products at some point, you’ll.
start by focusing on just one product.

Finally, join the affiliate program and get your affiliate link (this is the link you’ll give to your prospects when you promote the product so that you get credit for the sale).

It’s very simple to get your affiliate link.

Once you decided the product you wish to promote, just click on the “Promote” button beside the product description like the following:


With that link, you can start promoting this product as an affiliate!

Very simple, right?


As you can see, it is not very hard to start selling products from Clickbank. However, there are much more steps needed in order to build a successful online business. If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing you can check out Wealthy Affiliate or download my free ebook with 5 steps to build a successful business below.

Have you already started promoting Clickbank products? How did it go? Let me know by commenting below 🙂

5 Powerful Reasons To Start A Niche Website

5 Powerful Reasons To Start A Niche Website

“Content Is King” … and will stay ‘King’ for as long as the Internet is and exists for this real reason WHY you ‘d be smart to develop a network of these sites on your own to make money from for many years to come.

Let me ask you this … “What do many people browse the web for?”

If you stated “INFORMATION” – then you are absolute.

And besides, that IS and always will be the Internet’s primary function and will always be among the main reasons that individuals come online to look for.

So, with that stated, you should now have a great idea regarding why Niche Content Sites are the method to go if you are aiming to develop a network of websites that will produce a nice recurring income for years to come and will progressively grow with time on there own all by utilizing other peoples content and products.

Now that you have the idea, for the rest of this short article I ‘d like to share with you my 5 TOP factors you need to seriously think about building your own network of Niche Content Sites of your own, then at the end will expose to you a couple of examples of exactly what type of Niche Content Sites you can build.

Reason # 1. Online search engines definitely enjoy them.

If you don’t know by now Search Engines enjoy material and exactly what do Niche Content Sites include? That’s right … Content.

The more material you have to provide, the more pages you’ll get listed within the online search engine, which then gives you more direct exposure to your target market from within the online search engine and more opportunities for you to profit, which I’ll discuss in more information in a couple of minutes.

Point being, this is a terrific way to grow your company and offer your audience exactly what they’re searching for all at the same time, Plus … to obtain the Search Engine spiders to return for regular indexing.

Factor # 2. Your Niche Content Sites will grow easily.

Content is literally the FUEL that powers the web as well as more so is among the most efficient methods to grow your own service online.

Exactly what I suggest by that exists are literally countless material publishers out there on the web trying to find places to submit their content for publication. Depending on your niche, you will constantly have an abundance of content to continuously grow your network of Niche Content Sites no matter who your target audience is.

I will likewise be giving you some examples of some Niche Content Sites to completion of this post to provide you some idea of exactly what to anticipate.

Factor # 3. The info is targeted towards your Niche.

Specific Niche Content Sites are simply as the name illustrates and even more so the information in which they consist of mainly target your target audience and feed their hunger for information.

Remember exactly what I mentioned earlier about why individuals come online in the very first place.

You’re just providing what they ready desire and making a profit from it at the very same time which I’ll discuss in more detail in the last two sections of this post.

Factor # 4. Get paid for other peoples work.

With the rising popularity of Google’s Adsense program and the earnings that can be made from other peoples content using Google Adsense, this offers individuals all the more reason to build a network of Niche Content Sites due to the fact that of the residual income you can make through Google’s Adsense program.

The technique is this … the more pages you have actually noted, the more chance you need to create BIG Google Adsense cheques, all from someone else’s work.

Pretty COOL!

Reason # 5. Make money through targeted affiliate programs.

Wish to get paid in between 30 – 70% again by offering targeted affiliate programs about the content within your Niche Content Sites?

That’s right, make money for referring other peoples products that straight reflect the content which your Niche Content website offers and what your target market is searching for.

By having a Niche Content Site with the targeted material, this offers you a fantastic chance to assist Pre-Sell your target audience to wish to get more info, Information which they need to ‘Pay For’ which is where the targeted affiliate program you pick comes into play.

Now … are those 5 factors enough for you to obtain begun with your very own network of Niche Content Sites?

Only you can answer that concern.

It’s reasoning enough for me, and the genuine cool thing is you don’t have to produce any of the material yourself and you can utilize other peoples products to make earnings, Plus … Google Adsense.

Just envision exactly what a network of 30 to 50 of these websites would bring in.

I could ramble on but I think you get the picture.

Before I go though I stated I would offer you a couple of examples of what a Niche Content Site may be so here are the 2 I would begin with – Article Directory or a Niche Blog.

Article Directories will target Multiple Niches whereas Niche Blogs will only target One.

So, you have an option. Now, all you need to do is make a decision.

Have you already started your niche website? If you are ready to start with your niche website, click here!

A Novice Guide to Become a Reliable Content Writer

If there is one role to be filled out the Internet which matters most to a site, it is none other than content writers. Of course, we could not disregard the fact that web designers and programmers are likewise crucial in providing an excellent site. It is the material that matters to the audience.

It is always a must to work with content writers to fill in the page of a site. It may also be interactive, nevertheless without something to check out on it, the site is as excellent as absolutely nothing.

Being a content author does not just involves that a person knows the best ways to write. It also suggests that one knows the best ways to communicate with millions of audience worldwide. Here are some excellent tips for an emerging content writer who wishes to pursue his profession in Internet writing

1. Write Clearly and Direct to the Point

If a material writer would consider the millions of audience who will be reading his posts, the crucial objective for him is to communicate to his audience in easy to understand and simple words. Some audience is foreign English speakers, likewise, regional slangs must be avoided. Standard English should be the language to be embraced by content writers

While some writers have the habit of writing long paragraphs simply like a treatise, in material writing, this is one of the mistakes the post would not be checked out by the audience. Composing straight to the point is a should for content writers.

2. Know The Purpose of Writing

One error most content writers have in content writing is the inability for them to stick on the bread and butter of the content. The fundamental rule of material writing is to know the purpose of what a material writer needs to compose. The concepts must be centered on that purpose.

Some content writers take so much time in the fancies to the degree that a reader will be detoured on its purpose. A material author should write something that would make it sell an item if one would like to offer an item. If promoting an occasion is required, a material author must compose something intriguing to the audience that can assist promote an occasion.

3. Design of Writing

One of the essential aspects of a content author is his style of composing his piece. While content authors may have a various design of writing, it needs to always take into factor to consider the organization of the written piece.

The majority of the material authors on the Internet are composing in a conversational tone. This is really useful to readers. Individual clichés and expressions must be avoided by the content authors. In this method, the composed piece can be understood widely.

Perhaps, these three guides will assist a content author in his occupation of pursuing his composing career in the web. The most crucial thing a content writer must have is his enthusiasm.

While some authors have the habit of writing long paragraphs just like a treatise, in content writing, this is one of the pitfalls the short article would not be checked out by the audience. One mistake most content authors have in content writing is the inability for them to stick on the bread and butter of the content.

The standard rule of material writing is to know the purpose of what a material author requires to compose. If one would like to offer an item, a content author need to compose something that would make it offer an item. While content authors may have the various design of writing, it should always take into factor to consider the company of the written piece.


Why Influencer Marketing Is The Best Hack Around

Why Influencer Marketing Is The Best Hack Around

If you’re looking to give your website the biggest boost possible in the shortest amount of time, then you’re looking for a growth hack. A growth hack is any technique that can be used to give a website an instant boost in terms of its visibility and traffic and the best of these can help you to escape a lot of the grinding that’s normally necessary for good SEO.

And what is by far one of the best growth hacks is influencer marketing. When done right, influencer marketing can help you to go from 0 weekly views to hundreds of thousands. Here’s how:

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing essentially means that you are working with big influencers. An influencer is anyone who has a large audience and very often that will mean someone on YouTube or on Instagram that has managed to amass a large following. These people don’t only have an audience, they also have the trust of that audience and the ability to sway opinion.

Thus, if you can get them to recommend your website or to link to it, then you can find that a large proportion of their audience heads over to your channel and gives you an instant and impressive hike in readership and sales.

Imagine if you could get a link from Tim Ferriss. Just one link from his website, along with his recommendation, would bring you hundreds of thousands of visitors a day, many of whom would probably subscribe on the spot. The SEO benefit would be huge but that would pale in comparison to the gigantic surge in direct traffic and the shares that traffic would create.

How to Find and Work With Influencers

How do you find these influencers and how do you get them to post your links for you?
The answer is not to start too big. If you email Tim Ferriss, then chances are that you’re not going to get a response. You probably won’t get much of a response if you email someone with a million subscribers or even 500,000 subscribers.

Instead, aim for someone who is just starting out but who has built something of an audience already. These people will be more flattered by your interest and more likely to respond to you. When they share your link, you’ll then see your own subscribers go up by a few thousand, which puts you in a position to reach a slightly bigger influencer next time.

Spend some time familiarising yourself with the people you want to work with and if you can, meet in person. Another tip is to think about your existing contacts, are any of the influencers who can get you started?

Consider hiring the services of influencers, even just for a consultation. Once you do that, you’ll be sure to get an audience with them, which will make them more likely to read your subsequent emails!

Have you tried influencer marketing before? How did it work out for you? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

The Perfect Webinar Secrets Review

The Perfect Webinar Secrets Review

Have you heard of Russell Brunson’s perfect webinar script? In this article, I want to show you what the perfect webinar script is and for whom this product is perfect for.

At first, I want to talk more about webinars and why you should use them.

Why webinars?

I believe that webinars are by far the best freebie you can give to people. A freebie is something someone gets by exchanging their contact information (email, name, etc.). Usually, the freebie is a pdf report or a coupon.

However, with a webinar, it is much easier to give your customer a lot of value and build trust. Think about how much value you can give your audience with a 60-minute webinar. That is much more compared to a simple pdf report.

As I already mentioned it is also great to build trust. If they can hear your voice or maybe even see you they will trust you much more than reading a pdf.

And lastly, but most important, webinars are converting much better compared to the usual sales page. Especially if you try to sell high ticket offers (>$500). As you can see there are many reasons to use webinars as a selling technique.

However, if you want to have a high converting webinar, you need to know how to structure your webinar. But how should you know that? That’s where the perfect webinar script comes in!

The Perfect Webinar Script

The perfect webinar script helps you structuring your webinar in a way you get the highest conversions. If you want to sell something inside a webinar (what I can recommend) you really need to understand how to present your product and yourself.

You need to know how to present your story so people will trust you in your expertise.

Also, you need to know how to present and stack your offer so there will be as many sales as possible.

If you don’t know how to do that you’ll lose a lot of sales and make not as much money as you could.

The perfect webinar script is very easy to understand and very easy to apply to your business. I heard from many different businesses that were able to sell their products with the help of the perfect webinar script.

I even tried the perfect webinar script for myself and it worked out very good! I was able to sell several high-priced products with only one webinar.

For whom is it good for?

I believe that the perfect webinar script is for everyone who wants to sell something online. Webinars can be a great opportunity for business owners as well as affiliates.

If you have a high-priced product you want to sell webinars are the best way to do that. Webinars do also work if you want to sell high-priced products from other people as an affiliate.

How much does it cost?

The best part about the perfect webinar? Instead of paying the retail price ($19.99) it is totally free for you and you only have to pay the shipping ($4.95).

Click here to order your copy of the perfect webinar!

With the help of this script, you are able to sell several high-priced products with every webinar so I don’t think there is a reason to wait!


I believe that the perfect webinar script by Russell Brunson is a great product. As I said you’ll learn how to structure and build your webinar so you’ll be able to sell more products.

This is a great opportunity for business owners and affiliates as well!

All you need to do is to pay for shipping and you get your free copy of the perfect webinar secrets. Click here to order your free copy.

Have you already ordered your perfect webinar script? What do you think about it? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

3 Useful Free Blogging Features

3 Useful Free Blogging Features

The number of internet users is increasing daily. What most individuals like on the internet is that they are able to send messages in an immediate.

Often, individuals utilize the internet as their online journal or journal. Others would use it to promote an item. In any case, there is one site that is well-known for these things, we call it as Blogging or the Internet Blogging. Since of the fast boost of blogging users, there are lots of site companies who are now providing free usage of blogging software plans.

Examples of the totally free blogging software application are B2evolution, Nucleus, and the WordPress. These programs have the same functions. This is why most internet users ask which of the software is easy to use and would suit the needs of a particular site.

The answer to which one is the easiest depends on the real function of the totally free blogging website. If your main goal is to share your perspective and opinions to the general public, you can use various blogging software. If it is for advertising functions, utilize software created such function because a blog for promo has completely various requirements.

Below is the list of the free blogging software application and their features:

WordPress Free Blogging Software

WordPress is typically used for personal blogging. It has an open source, contemporary individual publishing design which concentrates on the appearance of the blog. By only utilizing the WordPress, there is no have to gather or your journals and assemble it as one. Simply compose your short article. And select which includes you desire and the blog will be published right away to your site.

This software is easy to tailor and it provides different functionality. As you get used to it very well, you will discover how to add fresh functions which will make your website trendy and interesting.

B2evolution Free Blogging Software

Like the WordPress, this is also an innovative web blogging software application. This complimentary blogging software has a skinning system which lets the users make numerous blogs in separate groups with different appearance or appearance for each blog site.

B2evolution has the capability to alter skin to make the blog site get a brand-new appearance. This software application is good for promotional functions. Therefore, you are planning to create and release various themes, B2evolution is the ideal software for you.

Nucleus Free Blogging Software

Nucleus has dominant functions which are applicable in promoting your blog site. It is capable to optimize the URLs. This helps the user create a blog that is simple to use.

One fantastic feature of the Nucleus is that it is capable to present lots of blogs utilizing a single page. The Nucleus likewise has a feature that is excellent in promoting a particular site.

These 3 blogging software application supply the best function that you need to develop a fascinating and effective blog site. Remember they are all free, so there is no need to be hesitant in using them.

However, you should select the software application that will be a great aid to you in accomplishing your main goal in producing a blog. In this method, you are making certain that your blog is distinct and it will please you and your needs.

Either method, there is one website that is popular for these things, we call it as Blogging or the Internet Blogging. There are many website providers who are now offering totally free usage of blogging software application plans due to the fact that of the rapid increase of blogging users.

Examples of the totally free blogging software are B2evolution, Nucleus, and the WordPress. The answer to which one is the easiest depends on the real function of the totally free blogging site. If your main goal is to share your point of view and viewpoints to the public, you can use various blogging software application.

What is your favorite blogging tool and why? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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