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The Secret to Building a Sales Funnel That Works

Buying products online has far surpassed buying items in stores.

Now is the time to get your online business started. There is an interested group of customers out there wanting to buy your product.

Let’s learn how to do this successfully by building a sales funnel.

Did you know that if you combine sales and marketing efforts together, then you can engage more customers? Let’s look at how a sales funnel could accomplish that.

Building a Sales Funnel

Using a sales funnel is a way to engage interested customers in buying your product. You may already be marketing your services or products to thousands of people.

Probably only a small percentage of that group will give you their contact information.

From those leads, only a small portion will become clients.

By funneling prospects down, you can get a new fantastic client. Let’s look at the separate stages in the funnel.

Entice: Advertising and marketing that brings visitors to your website or blog.

Convert: An offer inspires the visitor to provide their contact information.

Close: Actions were taken to encourage leads and transition to paying customers.

Delight: Service of the highest quality that keeps your customers satisfied and referring your company to their network.


When your visitors and interested customers arrive at your website, you want to entice them. The entire goal is to solve a customer’s problem.

When you understand the problem you are addressing, you can then build content that interests them.

You must gain their interest and awareness.


By having a special offer, perhaps offering your product for free or a short e-book on the problem they are looking to solve, you have them sign up first to receive this.

Customers may need to enter their email address and name to build an account.


If you have testimonials and customer reviews, this is a sure way to gain the trust of your customers. This will help them act and want your product even more.

One way to also keep their interest engaged and help them remember your topic is considering going the paid ad route. You can use Facebook and Google re-targeting.

For example, when you leave specific sites, have you noticed you begin to see them everywhere? This is the ad route. It is a powerful way to keep the customers remembering your product or service.


This is where you hope your customer pays for the purchase and continues to use your product. You want to have a topic product or service that continues to amaze your customers.

They will, in turn, share this with their network, creating more customers.

Selling Your Products Online

We hope you found this article helpful on how to engage buyers online.

Remember to first attract their attention, convert potential customers by offering a free product, have plenty of testimonials on your site, and finally keep them returning.

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