Getting Started

In this article you will learn how to build your first online business. There are many different “systems” or plans in the internet but in this article you will have created your first online business in the next 60 minutes. And the best part is, that the only thing you have to pay is maximal one hour of your time and exactly 0$!

I hope we have deal now and now lets get started

Your “why”

In the beginning you need to find out your “why”. Your “why do I want to earn money online?”. Your “why” may be because you want to quit your job you don’t like. Maybe you want to have more money to travel more or to buy a new car. Or maybe you want to be more flexible and be able to work anytime and from everywhere you want.

Why is that important? Because building your online business is not always simple or easy. There will always be times when you want to quit or do a normal job again. In fact if it were easy everyone would do it and we all would drive ferraris ­čÖé

That’s not how it works. But I can promise you, if you work hard and consistent you can get the lifestyle you always wanted. You can work from home and see your kids growing. You can work while travelling and see more countries than most of the people ever will. You can stand up in the morning whenever you will and drive around in the car you always wanted.

Take a piece of paper and think about for your why and write it down. Afterwards sign it and place it next to your desk so you can see it many times a week. So everytime you feel frustrated or you want to stop, have a look a your paper and continue!

I hope you are now motivated to start your first online business so let’s continue!

Getting help

If you want to start earning money online you have two possibilites, you can work out everything by yourself or you get help.

If you do everything yourself you have to learn how to set up a domain, how to use a content mangement system like wordpress, how to get traffic and to earn money with your website. For me that sounds like a lot of work if you don’t have any experience in online marketing.

Or you can get help and learn how to set up a domain in less than 10 minutes! In addition you can learn anything about wordpress, how to get traffic or how to earn money with your website. Also you are part of a community of online entrepreneurs and it all starts with 0$ costs. (Click here to join Wealthy Affiliate)

Your first real online business

I don’t know how you feel, but I hate to buy things without exactly knowing what I’m buying and if that fits to me. For example I don’t buy new jeans before I tried them at least one time. Or I don’t buy a new bicycle without riding it once. And if someone offers the “the system” to earn money online without the possibility to give it a try I don’t do it.

At Wealthy Affiliate you can build your first online business without any costs, thats the same like going to the Apple Store and give the new iPhone a try before you know that you like it. So create an account now and lets continue building your first online business.

Next step is to work through the “Online Entrepreneur┬áCertification – Getting Started (Level 1)”. This is a step by step training where you will create the basics of your first online business.

If you liked the training and if you want to have more training about how to get traffic and how to earn money you can again either learn it by yourself or you can start your second “Certification Training”. In order to do that you have to go to premium what costs you 47$ and offers a lot of extras:

  • wealthy affiliate membershipYou can host an unlimited number of websites
  • You get unlimited support
  • You get live video classes from successfull online entrepreneurs
  • And many more..


I hope you already started your first online business and that you are working on the lifestyle you always wanted!

If you have any questions or feedback I would be happy if you leave a comment below ­čÖé

Best regards,