How to start earningwith Amazon

Earning money with the Amazon Affiliate Program

If you want to earn money with your website, the Amazon Affiliate program can be your solution.

Besides a huge number of products, Amazon has already built up a lot of trust which really helps to turn visitors into income.

How can I start?

To start earning money with the Amazon Affiliate program is very simple.

You don’t need much knowledge or technical skills. In this article, I want to give you some more information about this affiliate program and how you can start.

How does the of the Amazon affiliate program work?

As an Amazon affiliate, you can create affiliate links for every product they offer. The link contains your partner ID and every link looks very similar.

With your affiliate link, you can now start earning money.

You can place your link inside your blog posts, your emails, you can post them on your social networks or you can create price comparisons.

Tip: If you use Amazon for several websites you can create custom tracking links so you can measure the performance of every single website.

If someone clicks on your link and buys something from Amazon you get a commission. You also get paid if they buy a different product than you have them linked to.

That means if someone buys a TV for $1.000 and you get 10% commission you get $100 for a single sale! Of course, the probability that someone buys a TV is very low but it still can happen 😉

These form of marketing is called affiliate marketing and is one of the most effective and most spread marketing form in the world! (If you are a beginner you can check out this guide)

For which niches is the Amazon affiliate program?

You can use Amazon in almost every niche possible! As they have products in every category and niche you’ll always find products for your website.

From different books to refrigerators (Yes that is also a niche) to sports equipment to milk and coffee.

That makes it very easy to find a fitting product and to place your link on your blog post, in your email, or on your landing page.

How can I sign up?

Signing up for the Amazon affiliate program is not very hard. You have to go to the Amazon Partner website and create an account. If you are already a customer of Amazon you can use this account so you don’t have to type in your contact details.

Amazon advertising tools

After signing up for the Amazon partner program you have access to all the different advertising tools.

You can edit most of the creatives so they fit for your website and audience.

In the following, I will show you all the different creatives you have access to:

Recommendation Ads

Amazon will place relevant products on your website. The products are based on your website content and the visiting user. That means if you have a website about fishing they most likely will show products about fishing.

However, if they see that the user was very interested in buying a new camera (had one in his shopping cart but didn’t buy) they will maybe show him cameras.

Search Ads

This will place a short search box on your website. The user can now search for products inside Amazon. That means the user can search inside Amazon for products without leaving your website.

Custom Ads

Here you can choose between 4-8 products you want to show on your website. So for example, if you have a blog about photography you can have a widget like “My favorite cameras for 2017”.

“My wishlist”

You can create a wishlist within Amazon and post that on your website so maybe one of your visitors will buy something from your list for you.

Some bloggers don’t want to earn money with their blog but they are happy about a small gift.

Amazon Site Stripe

This can be a very useful feature if you have several products you want to advertise. If you are logged into your Amazon Affiliate account and search the website you have a small stripe on the top of the website where you can instantly create links and banners of a product.


One final tip

Take your time and read the Program Policies.

You don’t have to study them and remember everything but you should read and understand the most important points.

So for example, it is now allowed to use more than 100 product pictures of Amazon. That doesn’t apply to the Amazon logo.

You won’t risk your account by violating any given rules.

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