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7 Reasons to Attend the 2017 Rich Dad Summit

The best selling author of the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki just announced the Rich Dad Summit 2017. The Rich Dad Summit is 2-day live event for the prize of $1.

I highly recommend you to attend this seminar! Here are my 7 reasons why:

Reason #1: The Presenters

A presentation is only as good as their presenters, right? At the Rich Dad Summit 2017, there will be only presenters that have a 7-figure income. Here is an example of some of the presenters:

Robert Kiyosaki

I’m sure everyone knows the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. If not you should read it now! (Get the book here)

It’s one of the best books I ever read about investing and passive income. Robert Kiyosaki is also the founder of the RichDad company. That company offers training material for financial intelligence.

He also invented the board game “Cashflow 101” which is a great way to play and learn more about investing. (Get it here)

Anik Singal

Anik Singal is a huge name in the online marketing world. He’s found over dozens online marketing companies and is making millions every year selling products.

With his company Lurn, he wants to help people succeeding in online marketing. There are already over 100,000 students who followed his training and many success stories.

Kotton Grammer

Kotten Grammer is an online entrepreneur and one of the leading experts in the field of SEO. He’s the founder of the SEO agency Kotten Grammer Media that helps companies succeeding with SEO.

His Agency is ranking #1 in Google for Chicago SEO, St. Louis SEO, New Orleans SEO, Memphis SEO, Orlando SEO, Miami SEO. In addition, Kotton has also sold over $40,000,000 in digital products through webinars.

Fred Lam

Fred Lam is one of the leading experts in eCommerce. His career started with 12 years as a dishwasher. Knowing that he wanted more from life, Fred began venturing into the online business world. Today, Fred is the CEO of several multimillion-dollar businesses.

In addition, he’s teaching people how to build an eCommerce business with zero starting capital and zero knowledge.

And there are also many more presenters…

Reason #2: It’s virtual

The great thing about the Rich Dad Summit 2017 is that you can attend from anywhere in the world. You don’t have to book a flight, search for a hotel, ect.. Usually, the traveling takes a lot of time and money but in this case, all of this falls apart!

It can be also scary to sit in a room with a lot of strange people. Here, again you don’t need to go anywhere. Just take your laptop and attend the summit from wherever you want to.

You can even attend the seminar during your vacation if you have access to the internet!

Reason #3: The prize

Usually, for a 2-day seminar with presenters like this, you have to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars! However, as I already mentioned, this summit only costs $1! That’s nothing compared to the content you’ll get.

For only $1 you’ll get access to knowledge that can make you more money and finally “escape the rat race”.

Even the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” costs around $7 and costs more than 7 times more than this seminar!

Reason #4: The content

In these 2 day live event you’ll learn everything you need to know to build a successful business and finally get financial freedom. Here is some information about the content you’ll get.

You’ll discover how to…

  • Increase your income…
  • Acquire assets…
  • Build passive revenue streams…
  • Invest in real estate…
  • The opportunity in cryptocurrency…
  • Build your own business…

The purpose of this seminar is to give you a blueprint you need to make a lot of money by working smarter (not harder).

You’ll get the tactics, strategies, tips, blueprints & secrets for:

  • Making more money…
  • Setting up systems that let your money make more money!

Reason #5: Time Saving

Sure you can learn everything you’ll learn in this seminar on your own. But that takes a lot of time and effort.

How many books can you read in 2 days? If you are fast and you really read a lot I think you could read 4 books. However, I think most of us can only read one book in 2 days.

In this seminar, you’ll get more knowledge you could ever get from reading 2 days straight. That will save you a lot of time and effort!

Reason #6: Best preparation for 2018

The event takes time on the 9th and 10th of December. This is the perfect time to start preparing ourselves for 2018. With all the knowledge you’ll get in this 2 days you can make sure to make 2018 your most successful year ever!

With all the great content it will be easy to create momentum and to crash your goals for 2018!

Reason #7: Christmas Present For Yourself

What are you giving yourself for Christmas this year? How about financial freedom?

How about the possibility to live the life you always wanted?

I believe that attending this seminar will be the best chance to give yourself the best Christmas gift ever. Think about it.

Where can you be next year by attending this seminar? How would you feel next year if you were able to build a successful business and quit your daily job?

Would you even be at home this Christmas or on vacation?

2018 can be your year. You only have to make the decision to do so.

Attend the Rich Dad Summit 2017 for only $1 and make 2018 your year!

Why you can’t earn before sowing

You check your Clickbank account or your Amazon affiliate account and there is still a big 0.

How could that happen?

The problem is that you didn’t sow. You can only harvest the plants you have sowed yesterday.

But what should you sow?

Do you want to earn money online?

Do you want to build an online business?

Do you want to break free from your 9-5 job?

Then you need to put in the seed first.

You need to sow value.

Only by producing high-quality valuable content you can harvest your wishes.

Who doesn’t sow can’t harvest

I’m sure you know that.

They see the opportunity to earn money with an online business and they start a website.

Soon they have a lot of (low-quality) posts and added some poor pictures. Now they place some affiliate links and banners on the side and they wonder why they still haven’t earned one dollar.

But nothing happens.

A big 0 is laughing at them.

Every day.

Every week.

And then they start questioning online business.

“That’s not working”

“Why is it not working for me?”

“My friend was right. That’s all scam.”

However, they forgot the most important part.

Putting in the seed.

5 steps for a rich online harvest

Step 1: Find your niche

Before you can create value for people you need to know your audience and how you can give them value. The best way to do that is to find a topic you like and feel passionate about.

We all have hobbies and interests we can talk about for hours.

There is an easy question that can help you figure out what you are interested in:

What would you do with 10 million dollars in your bank account?

That sounds a little crazy but that really can help. Think about it.

If you have enough money so you don’t have to work for money anymore what would you do?

Would you take care of your garden? Would you play basketball all the time?

Write down all your answers.

Now think about topics you could write about. If you can think about 5-10 posts you could write that can be your niche!

However, here it is important that you don’t need to be an expert in your niche!

You can become an expert by working in your niche. The more you learn about your niche the more you’ll be an expert.

So your niche can also be something you really want to learn.

It is important to mention that it is more important to start less than perfect than start never.

Step 2: Prepare your field

You need a place where you can place your seek, right?

That means in online marketing you need a domain and website hosting.

Step 3: Sow, sow, sow

Now you need to start sowing and build the foundation of your business.

Start creating high-quality and valuable content despite the fact that you don’t have any traffic yet.

Step 4: Start spilling

If you have created the foundation for your business you can start working on your traffic. However, it is not important to have a lot of traffic. It is important to have quality traffic.

Join forums in your niche and start engaging in discussions and help people by answering questions.

Join Facebook groups and comment on other blogs in your niche.

Step 5: Take care of your plants

Now that you have started earning your first money you need to take care of your business.

Look out for comments and answer them. Try to find new information that is relevant to your target group.

That makes it more attractive for your visitors to come back.

Then you can harvest

I don’t want to lie to you.

Sometimes it can be really hard to work hard on your website and still get no results.

However, if you put in the seed and spill it with enough water one day your business will be big enough to carry all the fruits you wanted.

Most people don’t put in enough seed or wait long enough before they can harvest their fruits.

Put in the work first and then you can lean back and watching your plants growing 🙂


Napoleon Hill -Think and Grow Rich

Book Recommendation: Napoleon Hill – Think and grow rich

I think this is one of the most inspirational books I have ever read. Inside the book, you’ll find many different success stories from many different people.

The influence of some of these people we still feeling today, like Thomas Edison. You’ll learn all the different steps you need in order to be successful. Every step contains success stories and examples to show the reader the importance of every step.

This book really shows the reader that the subconscious mind, as well as the intuition, is important for success and that every kid has everything it needs to be successful. However, society and parents aren’t trained to have success so we unlearn many things.

I can really recommend this book to everyone who wants to reach any goal in this life. That doesn’t mean your goal has to be to “become rich” but the principles and strategies can be applied to every goal.

Click here to get the book.

Blurb: “This edition of Napoleon Hill’s Classic Think and Grow Rich is a reproduction of Napoleon Hill’s personal copy of the first edition, the ONLY original version recommended by The Napoleon Hill Foundation, originally printed in March of 1937.

The most famous of all teachers of success spent a fortune and the better part of a lifetime of effort to produce the Law of Success philosophy that forms the basis of his books and that is so powerfully summarized and explained for the general public in this book.

In Think and Grow Rich, Hill draws on stories of Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and other millionaires of his generation to illustrate his principles. This book will teach you the secrets that could bring you a fortune. It will show you not only what to do but how to do it. Once you learn and apply the simple, basic techniques revealed here, you will have mastered the secret of true and lasting success.

Money and material things are essential for freedom of body and mind, but there are some who will feel that the greatest of all riches can be evaluated only in terms of lasting friendships, loving family relationships, understanding between business associates, and introspective harmony which brings one true peace of mind! All who read, understand, and apply this philosophy will be better prepared to attract and enjoy these spiritual values.

BE PREPARED! When you expose yourself to the influence of this philosophy, you may experience a CHANGED LIFE which can help you negotiate your way through life with harmony and understanding and prepare you for the accumulation of abundant material riches.”

Have you read the book? What has been your experience with this book? I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment below 🙂

Why your ideas are worthless

Why your idea is worth nothing

You are lying in your bed and suddenly you have a great idea for a new blog post or a new digital product.

You turn on the light and note your idea into a notepad.

And then.


You stay in your daily routine and even don’t think about your idea. You had so many ideas that could have been best-selling books, high-converting digital products or fantastic blog posts.

But you didn’t.

Don’t worry you are not alone. There are too many people who have great ideas but don’t realize them.

If you have an idea but you don’t realize it your idea is worthless.

“It’s not about the ideas, it’s about making ideas happen!”

Don’t get me wrong. Your ideas aren’t worthless. If you realize your ideas your ideas can be very valuable. So let’s have a look how you can realize your ideas.

How to realize your idea

Step #1: Make a plan

There are unlimited tasks every day. You have emails you have to answer, Facebook messages you have to take care of and then there are non-business tasks like cleaning, shopping or cooking.

If you only react to the circumstances of your life you’ll never be able to realize your ideas.

That’s why you have to make a plan.

I have made the best experience with weekly plans. That means every Saturday or Sunday I sit down and write down all the things I have to do the next week.

Then I look for appointments the next week and make a plan on which day I want to finish which task.

That way it is easy to stay productive and motivated. However, here it is important that you don’t give yourself too many tasks.

You shouldn’t get demotivated by looking at the number of tasks you have to finish.

Maybe at the beginning, you give yourself too many or too fewer tasks but after some weeks you’ll figure out the perfect amount.

And still, if you realize 3 of the 5 ideas you are still have realized much more than nothing.

Step #2: Block time frames

If you want to realize new ideas you need time and effort.

That means you have to take your time to work on your ideas. Here I recommend blocking time frames every day to work on your ideas.

That doesn’t have to be big time frames. 1-2 focused work is much more worth than 8 hours 50% focused work.

Inside this time frame, you should put away your phone, close your email program and have only programs open you need for this task.

After this 1-2 hours, you should make a pause. Now you can go on Facebook or answer your friends’ messages.

Tip: Try to find the time you are the most productive. For me, the most productive time is in the morning after breakfast. Here I only work on the most important tasks.

On the afternoon when I have a little down phase I answer emails, go to Facebook etc.

Step #3: Set a goal

The best way to stay focused and productive is to create a goal you want to chase.

As this is your personal project you usually don’t have a limited time. Do you remember back when you’ve been to school and you had to create a presentation?

I never started working on my presentation two weeks before. I usually waited until the last day and try to make the best working hard on the last day.

But now you don’t have a date for your presentation. That’s why you have to set yourself a goal. If you don’t know how to set a goal you can check out this article!

Every month I write down all my goals I have for this month. Then I make a plan how I want to achieve this goal. I write down all the steps I need to work on.

Then I make a weekly plan to work on these tasks. All you need to do now is to follow your plan. It can be really motivating to see your progress every single day.

That’s how you can build up momentum and together with the momentum you are unstoppable!

Step #4: Celebrate every realized idea

Celebrate yourself for every realized idea! Be happy about every realized idea. That makes it easy to motivate yourself to work on new ideas.

Also, you can give yourself a reward for every realized idea. Maybe you buy something you always wanted or you go into a fancy restaurant. Whatever it is you should celebrate your hard work and feel good about it 🙂


Every idea is worthless until it is realized. With the help of these 4 steps, I have been able to realize a lot of ideas I had and to built up a lot of momentum!

What is your idea you finally want to realize?

When should you start outsourcing-

When should you start outsourcing?

At the beginning, I want to ask you a simple question: Is time or money more valuable?

Before you answer this question I want you to think about it for a minute.

In my opinion, the most important value we have is time. We can’t buy more time or sell it. And we all have in common that we all have only a limited time on earth.

What does this mean? That means that you have to trade your time as your most valuable asset. You have to invest your time in the right things. But what has this all to do with online marketing?

One big advantage of online marketing is that it can be highly automated. That means your business is working for while you…

… spend time with your friends

… spend time with your family and kids

… relax on the beach while listing to the ocean

But how can you achieve that? You can achieve that by automating your business

Automate your business

One way to automate your business is by using an autoresponder (more info here). An autoresponder sends automated emails to new leads. That means you can build automated trust. These email will be sent to your leads regardless where you are or what you are doing.

However, there are many tasks where there isn’t technology that can help you. An example would be writing a new blog post. For all these tasks you can use outsourcing.


Outsourcing means delegating tasks to workers outside of your company. So for example, if you go to Fiverr and delegate the task to design a 3D cover for a freebie you outsourced a task.

I think there is only a very small number of tasks you can’t outsource. You can outsource the writing of your blog post, the design of a landing page, the creation of a freebie and much more.

Why should you start outsourcing?

The first reason why you should start outsourcing is that you save time. Every task that you delegate you don’t have to do yourself. So for example, if you need one hour to write a blog post and you delegate that task you save yourself one hour of your time.

The second reason is that you can delegate tasks to experts and achieve a higher quality. If you don’t know how to design a banner you can skip the whole learning and trial and error process and have a high-quality banner right away.

You don’t need to be an expert in anything. You only need to let the experts work for you. That’s how real entrepreneurs think and work. With every task, you outsource you have more time to focus on working on your business.

You can’t build a business by answering support tickets the whole day. Save yourself a lot of time and effort by outsourcing tasks like this.

Simple rule for outsourcing

When I think about outsourcing I have a simple rule. I say that my time is worth at least $30/hour. Now I have a look at a task and how long I have to work on it. So for example, writing a new blog post costs me around one hour.

One hour of my time is worth $30 that means if I write the post myself it would “cost” me $30. If I can outsource the post creation for $25, I “saved” $5. So every task that has a lower cost of $30/hour should be tried to be delegated.

When should you start outsourcing?

When and how you should start outsourcing really depends on your time and your money. If you have a lot of time and not much money you should do most of the tasks yourself. The more money you have and the less time you want to invest the more tasks you should outsource.

For example, you start your business by doing all the tasks yourself. After a while, you start to make the first commissions. Then you can start outsourcing tasks and earn even more money with less effort. That’s the moment when you start automating your business.

The “bible” of outsourcing

When I started with online marketing I never thought of outsourcing. I thought that with every task I delegate I only lose money. I haven’t seen that I could save myself a lot of time and trouble if I start outsourcing.

This all changed when I read the “bible” of outsourcing. This book is called “The 4-hour Workweek” by Tim Ferris. You can get it here on Amazon:

I think this is one of the best guides you can get about outsourcing. It changed my whole thinking about outsourcing and I can really recommend it to everyone who wants to have more time.

As you can see outsourcing can save you a lot of time. Now I want to hear something from you! Do you have experience with outsourcing? Or have you already read the book? I would love the hear from you so please leave a comment below 🙂

How to be not successful in 20 steps

Everyone talks about success and what to do to be successful. Today I want to share with you this list how not to be successful. I hope you enjoy reading it 🙂

1. Give up early

I’m sure you know this. There is this person which wants to loose weight. But they never continue after the first week and they are not able to lose weight. The same applies to business or nearly anything. Sometimes you have to work before you can earn. And in many cases, you don’t see fast results. If you want to get fit you have to work for several weeks before you see any results.

The same comes to building a business or blogging. Often you have to work for 3-6 months before you see any results. And if you give up early you will never be successful.

2. Work in a niche you don’t like

I see this a lot in online marketing. They start working in a niche because it is profitable. But they don’t like the topics. They don’t understand that you can earn money in nearly any niche, as small as it is.

You don’t have to work in the profitable niches just because of the money. Find a niche you like and it will be more like a hobby.

3. Be realistic

Nothing great have ever been achieved by being realistic. If you want to be successful you need to be optimistic and have a much greater mindset.

4. Promote products you like

If you have a blog or a online business you should only promote products your audience could be interested in and not because you like the high commission of the product.

5. Don’t set yourself goals

Why are you creating an online business? If you don’t know your why you’ll give up early and you will never be successfull. If you want to know how to set the perfect goal then you should read this article.

6. Lie

You will never achieve something great by lying. If you create a blog or online business truth and authenticity are you biggest values. So don’t waste them by lying about a product or ervice.

7. Be negative

If you are always feeling bad about the weather, the traffic and other people you will never be happy or successful. Be positive and see the world through brighter eyes!

8. Don’t help others

Every new blogger or online marketer is taking away your audience? No that is absolutly not right. Trust me, if you help others to succeed you will be even more successful. In addition, you gain a greater network with people who like and trust you.

9. Don’t communicate with others

Do you think that every other blogger or online marketer is your enemy and they all want you to give up? Then I have bad news for you because you are totally wrong! All the Blogger and online marketers I know are very helpful, friendly and they want you to be successful, too.

10. Never try new things

If you do the same things as always you will stay at the same place at always, If you want to be more successful and earn more money you need to try new things.

11. Always stay in your comfort zone

Staying in your comfort zone is cozy, right? But do you know that life starts at the end of your comfort Zone? Get out of your comfort Zone regularly and your life will be much more fulfilling. For example try extreme things like bungee jumping or parachuting or just talk to strangers.

12. Focus on earning money

Why are you creating a blog or online business? If you only focus on earning money you will never earn much of it. If you instead focus on giving value you will be successful. So try to write helpful content and not only money focused content.

13. Don’t learn

If you think you are smart enough and you don’t have to learn anymore you will stop growing. And if you stop growing that is like walking backwards. Keep thirsty for knowledge and try to learn as much as possible. On this way, you will get more successful and happy every day.

14. Don’t take responsibility

You have to take responsibility for every decision you make, every word you speak and every move you make. Otherwise you will think always that someone other is responsible for your faults and errors. And you don’t have a reason to grow. But that’s not how it works.

The moment you take responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you can change anything in your life. – Hel Elrod

15. Do many tasks at the same time

If you work on several tasks at the same time you will always be less effective than working on one task at once. I know that many people think different but give it a try and you will be much more productive.

16. Be a perfectionist

If you only posts article that are 101% correct than it will be a very hard and long road for you. The most important thing is not avoiding mistakes. The most important thing is to start. Don’t think about all the things that could go wrong, think about all the things that could go right!

17. Take criticism personally

If you try something new there will be always people who critize you. And from their perspective they are right. Maybe my grandma doesn’t understand that blogging is a real thing and that you can earn a lot of money. And from her perspective it is right. She doesn’t know anyone who is a successful blogger or earns a lot of money with online marketing.

So don’t take critizm personally. Respect their perspective and keep going!

18. Be lazy

“I write three articles and wait for Google to send me traffic” Sorry but that’s not how it is working. If you want to be successful you need to work. You need to work on yourself and to work on your business. There is enough time later to lay around in the bad all day.

19. Look busy

Yeah, there is nothing better than looking busy all the time. Because if someone looks busy he has to be successful. That is wrong! You can be very relaxed and still be successful.

20. Forget your health, friends and family

Your health, friends, and family should always have a priority in life. If you don’t invest time and effort in these things they will be gone soon. Take yourself some time and do exercising and eat healthy food. Take time for your family and friends. Help them to succeed in their own life.

I hope it was as fun reading this article as writing it 😀

Now I’m very excited to hear from you! 🙂

Reasons to start an online business

Today I will show you my top reasons why you should start your own online business. When I started I wasn’t sure if online marketing is the right thing for me but now I’m absolutely sure. I can live the life I always wanted to and I have enough spare time to spend it with meeting my friends, exercising or reading. Sometimes it can be really challenging but it is absolutely worth the effort.

Being your own boss

Do you like your boss? In many cases, the answer is no. If you don’t like your job or your boss you can do three different things:

a) you can live with it

b) you can change your current job

c) you can start being your own boss

So if you want to have a change you either have to change your job or start your own business with yourself as a boss. I always wanted to start my own company and be my own boss. So I can come in when I want, take a vacation whenever I want and best of all I can do whatever I want. I don’t have to do tasks that are meaningless.

If you start building your online business you can be your own boss. Of course, you still have to work but you have freedom. You are free from a job you don’t like and a boss you don’t want to work with.

Solid income

Earning good money while not working too much sounds unachievable. It sounds more like a dream. It seems like, that most of the people who earn solid money have to work a lot. So they have a lot of money but they don’t have much time. I always dreamed earning good money and having time to enjoy my life. And I found a way to achieve both. This way is online marketing.

At the beginning, it was a lot of work to get my business running but once it was running good I had much more time to enjoy my life. To travel around the globe. To meet with friends. And I also earn solid money.

I’m earning the same money my colleagues do, but only working half of the time. And there is no limit how much you can earn. There are bloggers out there who earn more than $100.000 each month. That’s incredible, isn’t it? And the best part is that you don’t have to work for money.

You have to work on your business and your business earns money for you. In online marketing, it is possible that you earn money while sleeping or going on vacation. So you can take a day off and still earn money. That is a fantastic feeling!

But I have to warn you, the success is not coming overnight. You have to work constantly on your business until it earns enough money. But once you reached this time you can live your life however you want to!

Time independent

Let me ask you a question, do you like being stuck in traffic? I guess you don’t. Nobody likes it. But since you leave work mostly the same time like everyone else you don’t have a choice. You will have a choice when you have your own online business. With your own business, you are much more time independent.

You will have a choice when you have your own online business. With your own business, you are much more time independent. You can go shopping whenever you want, you can exercise whenever you want and you can watch every match of your favorite club.

And in my opinion, the best part is that you can stand up whenever you want. If you don’t like standing up early in the morning you don’t have to. You can sleep as long as you want.

You can choose when you want to work or you want to do something else.

Location independent

As I already mentioned, if you have an online business you don’t need to drive every morning to work. You also never have to be somewhere to work. You can work from anywhere, you only need an internet connection. So you can work from home, the coffee shop or the hotel lobby. You can also work from your balcony looking at your city. Or you could work at the beach with the sound of breaking waves.

This is a part of online marketing I really love. Because when I feel stuck I leave my current place and go somewhere else. Maybe I continue my article sitting in the park. Or maybe I finish my article sitting in a coffee shop while drinking an iced coffee.

There are endless possibilities you only need to take the chance. I once wrote an article while sitting on a bench looking at the mountains. This was an incredible feeling. And I’m still excited that I can work from nearly anywhere.

Working on your passion

Work will be always something we don’t enjoy, right? I thought so many years. But when I stumbled across online marketing I had to change my opinion on that. Because now I was not only working for money, no I was working with my hobbies and interests. I work with topics I feel very passionate about. I don’t have the sad feeling on a Sunday that I have to work tomorrow, no I’m really excited. I’m excited to stand up in the morning and have a look at my business.

And I really enjoy every minute working on it. Life is too short to work on something you don’t enjoy. In this context I always remember this quote from  Steve Jobs:

Work will fill a large part of your life and the only way be truly satisfied is to love what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet keep looking. Don’t settle. – Steve Jobs

Whenever I hear this quote I’m touched. When I discovered online marketing and I created my first business I felt very passionate. And I still do. Every time I think about it I feel a power inside of me. And this keeps me going, in spite of every problem I’m challenging. If you want to work with passion you need to find your passion. And why not by starting an online business?

Low entry cost

Let’s say you made the decision to open your first business. Depending on your business you need to buy furniture, you have to invest in machines or you have to rent property. So you need a lot of money to start. Either you have the money on your own or you have to borrow some money. But what if I told you that you can start a business at very low cost.

In online marketing, you can start your business for as low as $2.75 per month. You can also start for free at Wealthy Affiliate. You also need a laptop or tablet and an internet connection. That is everything! Then you need to put in the work and write content. If you don’t have the time you can outsource that but you don’t have to. That means the entry costs of creating an online business is so low, that it is more expensive to drink coffee at Starbucks! 🙂

You only need to take the first step and start.


Online marketing is a future-proof workplace. Think about it, how much time are you spending on the internet? With mobile phones, it is even easier to access the internet. Also, there will be spent much more money online in the future. Think about companies like Facebook, Uber, Snapchat or Airbnb. Have a look at the net worth of this company. These are all companies who offer online services.

Online marketing is a billion dollar business. And you can have a piece of the cake, too. You only need to take the first step and start. If you have a solid online business you never have to worry again, trust me!

As you can see there are many good reasons to start an online business. What are you waiting for? Just take the first step and build your first online business. I never regret my decision to start and I still love the journey.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with me? Or maybe you have an additional point. I would love to hear your opinion, so please leave a comment below 🙂


More time for the things you love

How to have more time for the things you love

In life, there are three things we can invest: time, money and energy. And today I want to share you my thoughts about how we can have more time to do the things we love.

The big issue with time is that it is limited. Everyone on this planet has the same 24 hours. And depending on how you use this 24 hours, it can decide whether you’ll be successful or not.

Here are some tips that helped me to get more time to do sports, meeting friends or just relaxing in front of the tv 🙂

Work more efficient

This can be very interesting especially for college students. Because now you are at a point where you can schedule your time as you want. If you can do your tasks in one hour instead of two hours you have one hour which you can use for anything.

This is not the case if you have a 9-5 job and you can leave work at five o’clock independent of open or closed tasks.

But how could you work faster and better at the same time? Here I have some tips, that could help you.

Focus is one of the most important aspects of working efficiently. It is important that you focus on only one thing at the time. I made the experience that multi-tasking is slower than working on only one task. Because every time you switch between two tasks you need some time to rethink what exactly you have to do.

And there you are losing time and energy. So focus on only one task at the time. And also shut down every possible distraction. Silent your phone and close your mail application. Also, disable notifications on your laptop and close facebook while working.

In addition, you should try to optimize your processes every time. Maybe you need to read some books about speed reading or working more efficient. Try to improve yourself step by step. You don’t need to be perfect at this moment but if you keep improving you will be one day better than most of the people.

Use waiting time better

I don’t know how you feel, but for me, there are many times in life I need to wait for something or someone. That may be waiting at the doctor or waiting for a friend who is always late. Or maybe you need to take the bus or the car to get to college, work or whatever.

And I always hated waiting. Standing or sitting there doing nothing until something happens. That doesn’t sound very exciting. So I was thinking about how I can use this times better. And I found several different ways on how to use this time better.

I don’t know how you are learning, but I tend to write all the thinks I need to remember on index cards. There are also apps if you are more into technology. However, what I wanted to say is that it is easy to use two minutes waiting time for learning your index cards.

Guess what, if you use your waiting time for learning you are learning more without doing more! Let’s say you used your index cards in your waiting time and you have been able to work with them for 20 minutes in one week. That’s 20 minutes you have been learning without sitting down and motivating yourself.

You can also use this time to read papers you need to read or check your mail. Just try to use your waiting time more efficient and you will gain a lot of more spare time.

Plan Better

Good planning can save you a lot of time. Yes, planning also takes time but it is worth the effort. I heard that every minute planning can save up to 10 minutes of work. This is of course not always true but it shows the possibility.

But what makes planning so efficient? At first, you have to take bigger tasks and split them into smaller tasks. These smaller tasks must be so small that they can be done in less of 2 hours. If that is not the case make them smaller.

By writing down all the tasks you get an overview how much you have to do. Now you can assign tasks for every day. You shouldn’t assign to many tasks, that could demotivate you.

The next step is that you need to follow your plan. Work every day on your tasks and go to bed when you are finished. When you checked off all the completed tasks you can feel very proud!

Making a plan has the advantage that you always know what you have to do. Also, you can always watch your progress while working on your plan. It also gives you the opportunity to control your processes and try to improve them.

In addition, you know exactly when you have done all your tasks and you can enjoy the rest of the day, knowing that there are no tasks left.

At the beginning, you may have the problem of planning too much or too little. And that’s perfectly fine. Improve your planning from week to ween and you will get better every time. Also, you can plan yourself rest days where you can enjoy your life without having any tasks. This can often be very useful.


You always need to prioritize your tasks. Work on your most important tasks at first. When you are finished you can work on your less important tasks. In addition, you can also delegate smaller tasks.

This may be not an option for college students but this can be very helpful later. There will be always a lot of tasks you need to do and when you want to enjoy some spare time you have two possibilities: a) don’t do all of them or b) delegate tasks.

You can delegate tasks like cleaning, cooking, buying groceries, gardening and much more. To decide whether I want to outsource something or not I do the following: At first, I calculate my price/hour. This can be the price you actually earn or the price you think you are worth. For example, my price is $15/hour. Now I have a look at the costs and the effort the task. For example, groceries shopping costs me about half an hour.

Now I have a look at the costs and the effort the task. As an example groceries shopping costs me about half an hour. $15/hour * 1/2 hour =

$15/hour * 1/2 hour = $7.5

The boy who can buy me my groceries wants to have $5 so that is less than I would pay for myself. So for me, this deal is worth it, because I would make more money working than shopping groceries.

I hope you can see my point here! Of course, you can’t outsource everything but the more you can, the more spare time you will have.

As you can see there are many different possibilities to get more spare time. And isn’t that what we all want? Because our time is limited so we need to try to make the most out of it.

Do you have any other ideas? Or did these ideas help you? Just leave a comment below 🙂

I wish you all the best!


Why long-term goals are important

Hallo my friend,

how are you? Today I want you to tell something about long-term goals. I already wrote an article about how to set yourself the perfect goal. In this article, I will show you what a long-term goal is and why it is important that you have at least one. Are you ready? Then let’s start.

Long-term goals

At first, I want to show you my definition of a long-term goal. The time frame can go from 10 years to over 20 years. This goal can be anything. From career and wealth to relationships and family. I’m sure you already may have plans for some things. Maybe you want to know if you want to have a family or kids or whether you want to drive a Ferrari.

The important thing is that you need to be sure about your goal and believe in it. There are plenty of young people who don’t have an idea whether they want to have a family or not and this is okay. But once you have a goal you can start working on it.

Having such a goal can be real mind shifting. All the next steps you do will be just further steps towards your goal. This effects career questions as well as relationship questions. And you will find answers faster because your inner compass knows where you want to go.

The inner compass

To show you why a compass is important I want to tell you a short story. Imagine you have a plane crash on an island and by wonder, you and some other people survive this accident. All you know is that there is a small village somewhere in the south and luckily the compass of the plane survived.

So you and the group decide to start walking towards the south direction. After three days of walking, you reach the village and you’ll be rescued. So what should you take from this story?

Do you think that you would have kept walking for three days without a compass? I’m sure after the first day you would have stopped and maybe walked in the wrong direction.

If you know, where you want to go you can reach your destination step by step. Because you have a compass pointing in the right direction.

Eating an elephant

Know, that you know why it is important why to have a long-term goal I want to tell you how to reach your goal. I once heard the following sentence from a friend and I really like it

How to reach a goal? Ask yourself how do you eat an elephant?

When he asked me this question I was confused. I said: “I don’t know”. His answer really surprised me: “You’re thinking to difficult. If you want to eat an elephant you eat it step by step until there is no piece left.”

And that is exactly the same when you want to achieve your goal. You have to start and work piece by piece until you reached your goal. Maybe it is hard to see all the necessary steps in order to reach your goal. You need to find some milestones in between you can reach more easily. Once you reached a milestone you can have a look at your compass and search for the next step.

So step by step you will work towards your goal until your dream becomes your reality.

I hope I was able to motivate you to set yourself some long-term goals. Write them down and look at them every day, this will help you to focus on the right tasks.

What are your long-term goals? What do you want to achieve in the next 10 years? Let me know by leaving a comment below 🙂

How to get smarter, happier and more successful every day

How are you? I feel fantastic and I hope you feel the same! Let me ask you another question, are you the person you always wanted to be? Are you as happy as you want to be? Do you know all the things you always wanted to know?

What if I say to you that you can change your whole life within less of 30 minutes a day? You can learn from the experience of many successful people like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. In addition, you can learn how to be happier or how to deal better with your finances.

All you have to do is start reading the right books. But what are the right books?

Well, that depends on what you want to learn. There are books in almost every section. There are many good books about finances, marketing or relationships. Here are some example sections, where you can read books.


Now you maybe ask yourself, why you would want to read a book about finances. A well-paid job should be enough, right?

Earning good money is never bad but if you can’t deal with your finances you will never be fully happy. So you can read books about how to deal better with your finances or how to invest your money. When I learned how to deal better with money I much more happy and satisfied.

When I learned how to deal better with money I much more happy and satisfied. I know how to spend my money to be more satisfied and also I know where I can invest my money to have a good profit while keeping the risk low.


Do you already have the self-confidence of a lion? If not you maybe should start reading books about how to build self-confidence.

I think you already know how important self-confidence can be. It can make the difference between a good job or an average job. It can make the difference between beeing single or having your dream partner. And in many other ways.


Do you feel happy and passionate every single day? Are you happy with your job, your lifestyle and/or your love partner? If not is that the problem of the job, the lifestyle or your love partner? In my opinion, in most of the cases, the problem is the person itself.

Happiness comes from within. Happiness doesn’t start when you have a big house, a nice car or three kids. You need to learn how to be happy without any reason. Believe me, if you learned that you will be truly happy.


How happy are you with your love partner? Or are you searching for one and you can’t find one? How big is your network? And how supportive is it?

Reading books can help you to develop deeper and more meaningful relationships. You can learn how to make friends or how to talk to completely strangers. There are many books about networking in the market because it can be so important.

Your network is your highest asset. And if you don’t know how to build your network you have to learn it. And there is no better way than reading books and trying them out!


How do you feel on a Monday morning? Tired from the weekend and not motivated going to work? Like most of the people? What if I say to you that you can be very motivated every day? Even a Monday morning!

Do you know how to do that? No? Then you need to learn how to get and stay motivated. You can find many different books on this topic, you only need to be motivated to read one 🙂

Sports and exercising

I don’t know how fit you are at this moment. Maybe you are an athlete and you don’t need any tips but there are also many people who want to be fitter but they don’t know how. There are endless books about fitness and exercising and depending on your goal you there should be definitely one for you.

You can also learn what food you need so your body works at an optimal level so you will be more energized. If you feel that you could have more energy you should read a book about that!


Do you always wanted to know how good marketing works? Or how you can memorize things better. Whatever it is, I’m sure there is somewhere a book that can help you develop the skill you always wanted. Or maybe you need right now.

I once read a book about speed reading and now I can read up to 2 times faster than before. So what normal people read in 1 hour I can read in 30 minutes or even less. So develop your skills you need and you want to have!


Who is your ideal? Is it the genius behind Apple, Steve Jobs? Or maybe one of the best basketballer of all time, Michael Jordan? Whoever it is, do you want to know what mindset these persons have? What kind of struggle they have been facing while working on their dream. How did they keep working to accomplish the impossible?

Of course, you can try to ask them but in many cases, you don’t have access to these people. Luckily most of them have published a biography. So you can read about these persons and learn from their lessons! Isn’t that great?

As you can see there are endless possibilities and also books out there. Many successful people read one book a week. This seems a lot, but if you are able to block some time for reading this is absolutely possible.  I read about 1-2 hours before I go to sleep. This has the advantage that one the one side my eyes are much more tired when I want to go to bed and on the other side, I learn something every evening.

I have to admit that I have never been much of a reader. The only time I was reading was on vacation, but also not always. When I started to read books about personal development I was hooked. I read books, which cost me around 10$ but they are worth more than 10,000$!

In the future, I will present some of the best books I read, but the most important thing is that you start reading. Start with maybe 30 minutes a day. This isn’t a lot and should be possible for everyone.

I hope I was able to motivate you to start reading books! What have been your best book so far? Let me know by leaving a comment below 🙂

Best regards,