How to be not successful in 20 steps

Everyone talks about success and what to do to be successful. Today I want to share with you this list how not to be successful. I hope you enjoy reading it 🙂

1. Give up early

I’m sure you know this. There is this person which wants to loose weight. But they never continue after the first week and they are not able to lose weight. The same applies to business or nearly anything. Sometimes you have to work before you can earn. And in many cases, you don’t see fast results. If you want to get fit you have to work for several weeks before you see any results.

The same comes to building a business or blogging. Often you have to work for 3-6 months before you see any results. And if you give up early you will never be successful.

2. Work in a niche you don’t like

I see this a lot in online marketing. They start working in a niche because it is profitable. But they don’t like the topics. They don’t understand that you can earn money in nearly any niche, as small as it is.

You don’t have to work in the profitable niches just because of the money. Find a niche you like and it will be more like a hobby.

3. Be realistic

Nothing great have ever been achieved by being realistic. If you want to be successful you need to be optimistic and have a much greater mindset.

4. Promote products you like

If you have a blog or a online business you should only promote products your audience could be interested in and not because you like the high commission of the product.

5. Don’t set yourself goals

Why are you creating an online business? If you don’t know your why you’ll give up early and you will never be successfull. If you want to know how to set the perfect goal then you should read this article.

6. Lie

You will never achieve something great by lying. If you create a blog or online business truth and authenticity are you biggest values. So don’t waste them by lying about a product or ervice.

7. Be negative

If you are always feeling bad about the weather, the traffic and other people you will never be happy or successful. Be positive and see the world through brighter eyes!

8. Don’t help others

Every new blogger or online marketer is taking away your audience? No that is absolutly not right. Trust me, if you help others to succeed you will be even more successful. In addition, you gain a greater network with people who like and trust you.

9. Don’t communicate with others

Do you think that every other blogger or online marketer is your enemy and they all want you to give up? Then I have bad news for you because you are totally wrong! All the Blogger and online marketers I know are very helpful, friendly and they want you to be successful, too.

10. Never try new things

If you do the same things as always you will stay at the same place at always, If you want to be more successful and earn more money you need to try new things.

11. Always stay in your comfort zone

Staying in your comfort zone is cozy, right? But do you know that life starts at the end of your comfort Zone? Get out of your comfort Zone regularly and your life will be much more fulfilling. For example try extreme things like bungee jumping or parachuting or just talk to strangers.

12. Focus on earning money

Why are you creating a blog or online business? If you only focus on earning money you will never earn much of it. If you instead focus on giving value you will be successful. So try to write helpful content and not only money focused content.

13. Don’t learn

If you think you are smart enough and you don’t have to learn anymore you will stop growing. And if you stop growing that is like walking backwards. Keep thirsty for knowledge and try to learn as much as possible. On this way, you will get more successful and happy every day.

14. Don’t take responsibility

You have to take responsibility for every decision you make, every word you speak and every move you make. Otherwise you will think always that someone other is responsible for your faults and errors. And you don’t have a reason to grow. But that’s not how it works.

The moment you take responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you can change anything in your life. – Hel Elrod

15. Do many tasks at the same time

If you work on several tasks at the same time you will always be less effective than working on one task at once. I know that many people think different but give it a try and you will be much more productive.

16. Be a perfectionist

If you only posts article that are 101% correct than it will be a very hard and long road for you. The most important thing is not avoiding mistakes. The most important thing is to start. Don’t think about all the things that could go wrong, think about all the things that could go right!

17. Take criticism personally

If you try something new there will be always people who critize you. And from their perspective they are right. Maybe my grandma doesn’t understand that blogging is a real thing and that you can earn a lot of money. And from her perspective it is right. She doesn’t know anyone who is a successful blogger or earns a lot of money with online marketing.

So don’t take critizm personally. Respect their perspective and keep going!

18. Be lazy

“I write three articles and wait for Google to send me traffic” Sorry but that’s not how it is working. If you want to be successful you need to work. You need to work on yourself and to work on your business. There is enough time later to lay around in the bad all day.

19. Look busy

Yeah, there is nothing better than looking busy all the time. Because if someone looks busy he has to be successful. That is wrong! You can be very relaxed and still be successful.

20. Forget your health, friends and family

Your health, friends, and family should always have a priority in life. If you don’t invest time and effort in these things they will be gone soon. Take yourself some time and do exercising and eat healthy food. Take time for your family and friends. Help them to succeed in their own life.

I hope it was as fun reading this article as writing it 😀

Now I’m very excited to hear from you! 🙂

About the Author Fabi

While I was in college I was not amused to become a 9-5 worker. So I searched for other ways. And I found online marketing. After many failures, I finally succeeded and I was able to escape the 9-5 and live the life I always wanted. I believe that if you want something you can achieve it. And if you want to build a successful online business I can help you achieve your goal!

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