YouTube: A huge source of traffic

youtube trafficWhen you start learning about internet marketing, you’ll find that there are a lot of different subjects for you to tackle. These include the likes of SEO, of social media marketing, of writing press releases and more. You’ll have to learn about autoresponders and email marketing, about how affiliate marketing and about link building.

But something that often gets overlooked is video creation. This is strange, bearing in mind that video can have an incredibly profound impact on your brandís visibility as well as your sales and is one of the most effective ways to stand out.

So why do people tend to ignore it? One possible answer is simply that it is too complicated and difficult for many people to understand ñ so they’d rather just overlook it!

Why Video is SO Important for Your Internet Marketing

But it’s this difficulty that makes video production such a powerful marketing tool. Simply put, anyone can create a blog and anyone can create a sales page. When you build either of these things, you could still just be someone working from their Mum’s basement.

Video creation, on the other hand, requires expertise and expensive equipment. To make high-quality videos, you will need a good camera, a great lighting set-up, a good microphone, editing software and know-how. All of this communicates that you are a serious business with serious money to invest and that professional sheen is what will inspire trust in your visitors.

What’s more, is that video allows you to talk directly to your audience and to use both your own voice and music to persuade them to make a purchase. Video is naturally more engaging and it makes people feel as though they know you, all of which is incredibly useful from a marketing perspective.

When creating video there are several ways you can use it as part of a marketing campaign. One is to add a video to your homepage or your sales page. Either of these things will help you to immediately grab attention and increase conversions. Another option is to create a YouTube channel. This makes it very easy to reach a big audience and can even be highly profitable on its own. A video getting 100,000 views a month can easily earn you in the region of $200!

How to Get Started

To get started, you will need to invest in a small amount of equipment. You need a camera with good autofocus and the ability to record in at least 1080p at 30fps (ideally better on both fronts). Even more important is good lighting, so invest in a soft box or another professional lighting solution.

The smartphones of today already have a very good camera so if you have one of the newest smartphones you don’t have to invest in a camera. If you want to raise the quality of your videos you have to buy a professional camera, but the smartphone should be enough at the beginning.

Sound is also very important. An H1 pocket recorder paired with a lav mic will make a big difference at a low price point. You’ll then need to edit all this together in a piece of editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro.

It all sounds a lot but trust me, it is more than worth the investment in terms of what you’ll get back out of it!

What does an SEO-friendly article look like these days?

seoAsk 100 people and you will probably get 100 different answers. The problem is that a lot of marketing experts are still stuck in the past when it comes to the best strategies for getting a post to the top of Google and this results in a lot of low-quality content and a lot of wasted time.

The best way to make an article SEO-friendly is actually quite simple, so read on and let’s dive into what you need to know!

Provide Value

To understand how to write the best SEO-friendly article, it pays to get inside the mindset of Google a little. What is Google trying to achieve?

The answer is simple: it wants to serve its users by linking them to the very highest quality and most relevant content that it can find.

Thus, any signals that you can send to Google to show that your content is high quality and relevant, will ultimately result in a boost to your SEO. The question is just how you go about doing that.

One example is to include outward bound links to other useful resources, relevant to the content of your site. This shows Google that you’re interested in providing as much information as possible to your readers, it aligns you with high-quality sites and it provides references to back up your claims (suggesting accuracy).

But what this shouldn’t mean is that every article needs at least two outward bound links. This is entirely missing the point as it will create a predictable pattern on your site that will look like manipulation. Link out when it is relevant and useful and don’t be cynical about it.

It’s also for this reason that Google likes to see long content of around 800 words+. While reports vary, it is generally thought that the ideal content length for SEO is approximately 1,800 words and this will improve your chances of being featured as News.


It’s painful to see, but some SEO companies still think that a good SEO article is one that has the same keywords repeated over and over, to the detriment of the reading experience. This is one of the fastest ways to have your content flagged as spam, if not by Google, then by the human readers on your site.

Instead then, keywords should be used very sparingly. A density of around 1-2% is recommended but only when that is appropriate and when it fits with the content naturally. This is one reason to write longer-form content though, as longer posts are going to have more space for repetitive keyword use.

It’s also important to recognize that synonyms and related terms are just as important, if not more so. Try to write around the subject and let related terms enter your content naturally. This is something you can expect to play a bigger and bigger role in future. If you want to know how to find keywords that are easy to rank have a look here.


Finally, space out your content and use lots of headings. Use large fonts and a narrative, user-friendly structure. This will help to keep people on your pages for longer and thatís one of the other things that Google looks for when ranking content.

When your average time on page is higher, Google tends to send more traffic to your site because your content seems useful. That means if you write articles for real users you write articles for the Google bots at the same time.

So keep your quality and your readability high and Google will reward that with lots of traffic!

As you can see it is not that hard to write SEO friendly articles. What has been your experiences? Would you add something? I would love to hear from you so leave a comment below 🙂

How to Write Articles That People Will Actually Read

how to write articlesWhen you first start running a blog, it can be a very painful experience putting lots of time and effort into your blog posts and articles and knowing that no-one is really reading them. You can slave away over an article but unless you already have a dedicated audience, there’s a good chance that only a couple of people will read it.

But if you want to make sure that people start reading as quickly as possible, then itís not enough to simply keep posting the same old stuff you need to think about the type of content that people actually want to read and the kind of content that will hold attention for long enough to make an impact.

Let’s take a look at how you do that

The Title

The first thing that will help you to get more readers is your title. Of course, if your title isn’t interesting, then people aren’t going to feel motivated to click on your link or to read past the first line.

This is something that sites like Buzzfeed know all-too well. And this is also what has given rise to click baits. It’s important not to create click bait yourself (which famously doesn’t provide any real value) but you can learn from the way that these posts structure their titles. Try to make your articles stand out by writing about something that people haven’t already read a thousand times, or at least providing a fresh spin. Find an emotional hook and try to introduce a little curiosity.

In short, the best way to make your articles naturally engaging is to write about something different that hasn’t already been covered a hundred times before by every other blog in your niche. Always ask yourself: would you read it?


Presentation is so important when it comes to getting your content to be read. This is something that is often overlooked but if you use the right font, the right headings, and the right spacing then add in some nice high definition images you’ll see your visitor retention go up a large amount. People hate being greeted by a massive wall of text and this is one of the fastest ways to get them to turn around and go back.

Tell a Story

I read somewhere that storytelling is SEO for the human brain. This is true to a big extent. People love hearing stories. They like to hear how the techniques youíre recommending helped you. They like to hear about how you discovered the strange underground parkour movement in the early 2000s. Stories engage people because the human brain is wired to read stories. This allows you to create suspense, cliff-hangers and emotional engagement.

So if you’re looking at your content right now and it feels a little dull or a little dry, think about how you can perhaps make it into more of a story.

Do all this well and you’ll find that your content becomes much more engaging and that people stay on your site that much longer!

What do you have for tips to write an interesting blog post? I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment below 🙂

How to easily find high ranking keywords

How to easily find high ranking keywordsIf you create a blog or an online business one of the most important aspects is how much traffic you will get. Traffic is the blood of an online business and without flowing blood, your online business will not survive. The more traffic you get, the more money you can make.

The more traffic you get, the more potential customers you have and the more money you can make. However it is not only important to have a lot of traffic, it is also important to have targeted traffic.

Let’s say you have a blog about coffee and your site is visited by a lot of people who are interested in basketball. How much will read your articles and maybe buy a product? As you may think not really much.

But if you have a lot of traffic on your site interested in coffee your articles will be read much more and you can make much more money. In addition, you need less traffic to make money.

As you can see, the quality of your traffic is more important than the quantity. But how can you get targeted traffic?

Sources of targeted traffic

There are many different sources to get highly targeted traffic. You can start a PPC campaign with Google or Bing. You can leave comments and posts on forums. You can create a social media site on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

You can also try to rank high on search engines and get traffic from search engines like Google or Bing. The process of ranking high on search engines is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The Google algorithm has currently over 200 different factors how a website should be ranked. One of them is for example how many backlinks your website has.

One of the most important factors is for what keywords you are ranking. If you try to rank for keywords with a lot of competition it will be hard to get on the first site on Google. So you need to try keywords

So you need to try keywords which have a lot of traffic and a low competition. But how can you find those keywords?

Find high-quality keywords

To find good keywords I use the tool Jaaxy (see here my review). I tried different tools but Jaaxy is by far the best tool I found. Not only you can find very easy a lot of good keywords, you can also monitor your site rankings.

Now I’ll show you how you can find high-quality keywords with Jaaxy. Let’s assume we have a site about coffee. And we want to write a review about different coffee machines.

So we open Jaaxy and type in “coffee machine” and we get the following results:

Results Jaaxy

The first row shows us different keywords around the keyword coffee machine. Then you can see the average traffic and the number of competitors (QSR). You can very easily detect a very good keyword by looking at the keyword quality index (KQI).

Green stands for a very good keyword, yellow for OK and red for poorly. So as we can see, coffee machine stand, industrial coffee machine, tassimo coffee machine, breville coffee machine, and coffee machines reviews are very good keywords we can rank on.

So now you can, for example, write an article about a tassimo coffee machine. Usually, it is a very good idea to have the keyword in the headline. So your headline can be for example “Tassimo Coffee Machine Review”.

So your headline can be for example “Tassimo Coffee Machine Review”. Inside the article, you write an honest review about such a machine including a link to Amazon with a Tassimo Coffee Machine.

Now everyone who is interested in a Tassimo Coffee Machine will (hopefully) see your article in Google and visit your site. This customer is now highly interested in a new coffee machine and it will be very likely that they will click on your link and buy something.

Find new ideas

As you can see with Jaaxy we can also find a lot of new ideas for articles. We only searched for coffee machines and we found a lot of new ideas for new articles like industrial coffee machine or breville coffee machine.

Also, we can use the “Alphabet Soup” technique inside Jaaxy. Let’s again assume you want to write an article about coffee machines. To find new ideas you can go to Google and type in “coffee machines a” and have a look at the results.Google Alphabet Soup

Now you can do the same with “b”, “c” and so on. Or you can use Jaaxy to do that:

Jaaxy Alphabet Soup

As you can see now we have instead 5 new ideas for articles only for the letter “a”. I don’t think that you can find keywords much faster.

As you can see it is not very hard to find high-quality keywords if you use the right tool. The best thing about organic traffic from Google is that it is free and usually high targeted.

Once you made it to the top of the search results you will get a lot of visitors and a lot of visitors can mean a lot of money.

Now I want to hear from you! How do you find high-quality keywords? Do you use different tools or what experience did you make with Jaaxy? I’d love to hear from you so please leave a comment below 🙂


How to be not successful in 20 steps

Everyone talks about success and what to do to be successful. Today I want to share with you this list how not to be successful. I hope you enjoy reading it 🙂

1. Give up early

I’m sure you know this. There is this person which wants to loose weight. But they never continue after the first week and they are not able to lose weight. The same applies to business or nearly anything. Sometimes you have to work before you can earn. And in many cases, you don’t see fast results. If you want to get fit you have to work for several weeks before you see any results.

The same comes to building a business or blogging. Often you have to work for 3-6 months before you see any results. And if you give up early you will never be successful.

2. Work in a niche you don’t like

I see this a lot in online marketing. They start working in a niche because it is profitable. But they don’t like the topics. They don’t understand that you can earn money in nearly any niche, as small as it is.

You don’t have to work in the profitable niches just because of the money. Find a niche you like and it will be more like a hobby.

3. Be realistic

Nothing great have ever been achieved by being realistic. If you want to be successful you need to be optimistic and have a much greater mindset.

4. Promote products you like

If you have a blog or a online business you should only promote products your audience could be interested in and not because you like the high commission of the product.

5. Don’t set yourself goals

Why are you creating an online business? If you don’t know your why you’ll give up early and you will never be successfull. If you want to know how to set the perfect goal then you should read this article.

6. Lie

You will never achieve something great by lying. If you create a blog or online business truth and authenticity are you biggest values. So don’t waste them by lying about a product or ervice.

7. Be negative

If you are always feeling bad about the weather, the traffic and other people you will never be happy or successful. Be positive and see the world through brighter eyes!

8. Don’t help others

Every new blogger or online marketer is taking away your audience? No that is absolutly not right. Trust me, if you help others to succeed you will be even more successful. In addition, you gain a greater network with people who like and trust you.

9. Don’t communicate with others

Do you think that every other blogger or online marketer is your enemy and they all want you to give up? Then I have bad news for you because you are totally wrong! All the Blogger and online marketers I know are very helpful, friendly and they want you to be successful, too.

10. Never try new things

If you do the same things as always you will stay at the same place at always, If you want to be more successful and earn more money you need to try new things.

11. Always stay in your comfort zone

Staying in your comfort zone is cozy, right? But do you know that life starts at the end of your comfort Zone? Get out of your comfort Zone regularly and your life will be much more fulfilling. For example try extreme things like bungee jumping or parachuting or just talk to strangers.

12. Focus on earning money

Why are you creating a blog or online business? If you only focus on earning money you will never earn much of it. If you instead focus on giving value you will be successful. So try to write helpful content and not only money focused content.

13. Don’t learn

If you think you are smart enough and you don’t have to learn anymore you will stop growing. And if you stop growing that is like walking backwards. Keep thirsty for knowledge and try to learn as much as possible. On this way, you will get more successful and happy every day.

14. Don’t take responsibility

You have to take responsibility for every decision you make, every word you speak and every move you make. Otherwise you will think always that someone other is responsible for your faults and errors. And you don’t have a reason to grow. But that’s not how it works.

The moment you take responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you can change anything in your life. – Hel Elrod

15. Do many tasks at the same time

If you work on several tasks at the same time you will always be less effective than working on one task at once. I know that many people think different but give it a try and you will be much more productive.

16. Be a perfectionist

If you only posts article that are 101% correct than it will be a very hard and long road for you. The most important thing is not avoiding mistakes. The most important thing is to start. Don’t think about all the things that could go wrong, think about all the things that could go right!

17. Take criticism personally

If you try something new there will be always people who critize you. And from their perspective they are right. Maybe my grandma doesn’t understand that blogging is a real thing and that you can earn a lot of money. And from her perspective it is right. She doesn’t know anyone who is a successful blogger or earns a lot of money with online marketing.

So don’t take critizm personally. Respect their perspective and keep going!

18. Be lazy

“I write three articles and wait for Google to send me traffic” Sorry but that’s not how it is working. If you want to be successful you need to work. You need to work on yourself and to work on your business. There is enough time later to lay around in the bad all day.

19. Look busy

Yeah, there is nothing better than looking busy all the time. Because if someone looks busy he has to be successful. That is wrong! You can be very relaxed and still be successful.

20. Forget your health, friends and family

Your health, friends, and family should always have a priority in life. If you don’t invest time and effort in these things they will be gone soon. Take yourself some time and do exercising and eat healthy food. Take time for your family and friends. Help them to succeed in their own life.

I hope it was as fun reading this article as writing it 😀

Now I’m very excited to hear from you! 🙂

Is MLM always a scam?

Today I want to discuss with you multi-level-marketing companies which are often also known as pyramid schemes. There are many different opinions about MLM and most of them are not very good. But in my opinion, MLM doesn’t have to be bad.

How does MLM work

In multi-level marketing, you earn money by referring products to customers. This works very similar to affiliate marketing. The difference to affiliate marketing is that you can also earn money by referring new affiliates to the company.

And for every product they are selling to customers you earn some commission. Also if they are referring a new affiliate you earn money for every sale this person makes.

I give you an example so it is easier to understand. You earn a 10% commission for every product you sell. For every product, you referred member is selling you get 8%. And for every member, they have been referring you get 6%. That’s why it called a pyramid scheme.

That’s why it called a pyramid scheme. Because for every product you sell, the member above you will earn money, too.

Advantages of MLM

If you refer new 5 members to the company and they sell a lot of products you earn passive money. In addition, if every one of your affiliates is referring 5 new members you have 25 additional people in your downline earning money for you.

As you can see this can be a very good opportunity to earn passive income. I read an article that says if you work hard around 5 years you can earn more than $10.000 per month. And since your downline is earning money for you, you don’t have to work much and earn money without working.

A MLM scheme can also be very helpful from the perspective of an entrepreneur. If you have a product you need to sell MLM is a very good way to save a lot of distribution costs. On this way, you and your seller will profit from your product.

Disadvantages of MLM

The reason why MLM has a bad reputation is, that there are many MLM scams out there. Especially if they promise to “Get rich quick” they are in most cases scams.

In many cases, you have to pay a fee to become a sale person followed by huge additional costs.

However, there are many MLM companies which are no scam and they sell legitimate products. One example for a legit MLM company is ViralUrl. In this network, you can earn money from every referral you make and every referral your referral is making.

How to detect scams

Sometimes it can be tough to detect a scam. I made the experience that if the company is more interested in referring new members than selling products it is in many cases a scam.

Also, have a look at their product. If they are selling a good product what offers value to the customers you are usually good to go!

You can also search the internet to get more information about the network before accessing one. Google is in most cases a good solution. I would recommend to read more than one review.


As you can see, not every MLM scheme has to be a scam. They can be a huge opportunity to leave your daily 9-5 job and to earn a lot of money. Also, you can earn most of the money passive.

Have you made any experience with MLM schemes? What has been your experience? I would love to hear from you so leave a comment below 🙂


Is Swagbucks worth the time?

Today I want to tell you my experience with Swagbucks. Swagbucks is an online reward program what lets you earn a virtual concurrency which can be converted into real awards.

How does it work

You can earn Swagbucks (SB) by visiting websites, completing surveys or playing games. After collecting these SB they can be traded for coupons for Amazon or iTunes.

For a 20 minute survey, you can get up to 80 SB. For watching a 6-minute video you can earn 2 SB. You can also get rewarded if you visit webshops and buy products. For example for every paid dollar, you get 1 SB.

For 500 SB you can get a $5 coupon at Amazon, iTunes or the Google Play Store. Since Amazon is delivering food you can earn your food by the Swagbucks program. For 1000 SB you get a $10 coupon and so on.


You can join Swagbucks totally free without any cost. There are also different training videos that show you how you can earn money with Swagbucks. These are included in the free membership.

There is also an affiliate program, where you can earn up to 500 SB if you refer a new member. In addition, the new member also gets a $5 coupon (join here)


With Swagbucks, you can start right away earning money. The registration of a new account is very simple and earning money very easy. I don’t think there should be many problems.

You can complete you first surveys very fast and maybe get your first coupon the day you started. Of course, this depends on how much time you are willing to spend.

In addition, I think, it is very good that you can get coupons for all the big shops like Amazon.

Can you get rich with Swagbucks?

It sounds very easy, right? Complete a survey here or visit this web shop there and you will get paid. And as I already mentioned, since Amazon is delivering food you can now save your costs on your monthly food expenses.

The big problem with Swagbucks is that it costs a lot of time. As I mentioned, for a 20-minute survey you can get up to 80 SB. That means you get 400 SB every hour if you complete five surveys.

For 500 SB you can get a $5 coupon that means for 400 SB would be worth $4. That’s $4 per hour! In my opinion, this is very low.

Also, to complete a survey you have to give away your data. If you are comfortable with that you can go ahead but I’m not feeling very good giving away all my data. But this is only my opinion.


Swagbucks can be very fun at the beginning. After a while playing games or completing surveys can be very annoying and boring.

You can only get coupons for your work and not real money. Of course, you can save yourself money but it would be greater to get actual money.

Also, the earning potential is very limited. Only if you are willing to spend a lot of time you can earn some money.


If you are truly interested in earning money online have a look at my ebook.. There you will learn how to build your first online business and how to earn money with it. It is a simple step-by-step guide designed for newbies who want to build a successful online business.

Get more information:

And trust me the earning potential will be much higher than $4/hour 😀

What is your opinion about Swagbucks? Did you give it a try? Then I would love to hear your feedback so please leave a comment below! 🙂

SEO – DoFollow and NoFollow Backlinks

Today I want you to show you the difference between doFollow and noFollow backlinks. Before that, I want to talk about some basics of SEO.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization and the goal of SEO is to optimize the ranking in search engines (Google, Bing, etc.). The ranking algorithm of Google contains more of 200 different factors how a website is ranked. In this article, I will only talk about one of these factors, the backlink factor.

SEO backlink strategy

There are many sources which say that if you have a lot of quality backlinks to your site it will be ranked much higher. Backlinks can be comments or links you left on other websites. Not only the number of backlinks is important, also the quality of the backlinks is. One backlink on a high ranked website can be much more helpful than 10 backlinks on very low ranked websites.

In addition, it is very important that your backlink is a doFollow backlink.

What is a “doFollow-link”

Back in 2005, Google added a new element to a link, the “rel” attribute. The goal of this attribute was to reduce the number of backlink spammers. If a link has the attribute “rel: noFollow” this backlink will not be used to calculate the page rank. On the other side, if a link has the Attribute “rel=doFollow” the Google Crawler will follow that link.

Back in 2005, the strategy of many online entrepreneurs has been the following:

  • Add a lot of backlinks = high ranking
  • High ranking = many visitors
  • Many visitors = a lot of money

Now this strategy has changed into the following:

  • Add a lot of backlinks with the “doFollow” Attribute = high rankings
  • High ranking = many visitors
  • Many visitors = a lot of money

How does a “doFollow” link look like?

If a link doesn’t contain the “noFollow” attribute it is a doFollow link and looks like this:

<a href=””>Click</a>

As you can see, there is no attribute like “doFollow” or anything like that.

On the other side, a noFollow link looks like this:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Click</a>

As you can see here, there has been added the attribute “relation” with the value “nofollow”. Now the Google Crawler will not follow this link.

WordPress likes Google

As I already mentioned, Google added this attribute to reduce the spamming of the comment section. WordPress followed Google and released the new version where every comment is signed as “nofollow”.

If you don’t like that you can use the free available WordPress plugin Dofollow. Do you need to be afraid to get spammed?

Not of you are using an anti-spam plugin like Antispam Bee which will remove all the spam comments. Also, you can take care on your own by only approving helpful comments. This is usually a very good idea.

How can I detect doFollow links?

As you know, it makes a lot of sense to add good “doFollow” backlinks so you will get ranked higher on Google etc. But how can you detect whether a link has a “doFollow” or “noFollow” attribute?

To do that we need a developer view of the website. The next step depends on your browser. I’m using Chrome as my favorite browser so now I’ll Show you how you can detect “doFollow” links with a Chrome browser.

At first, you have to find a link. Then click right on the element and select “inspect”. Now there should open new developer windows. In one of them, it says “elements” and there is some HTML code. In addition, there is one element marked. This should be the link you clicked on “inspect”. If the link is a “doFollow” link you should see something like this:


As you can see, there is only the relation “next” and no “nofollow”. And no “noFollow” means doFollow 😀 it is not as complicated as it sounds. If the link is a “noFollow” link you should see something like this:



Here we have the attribute “nofollow” and this link will not be followed by the Google Crawlers.

In addition, you can download a plugin for your browser like “noFollow” which will color all the nofollow links. This can be helpful, but also it can be very annoying with these different colors.

I hope this article was helpful and you now have a better knowledge when it comes to SEO. Did you understand everything? What do you think about banklinks, are they helpful?


16 effective ways to build your subscriber list

16 effective ways to build your subscriber listToday I’ll show you 15 different ways to build your subscriber list. The bigger your email list is, the more money you can earn. It is said, that in average for every lead you have you can earn about $1 per month. That means if you have a list of 5,000 subscribers you can earn around $5,000 per month!

In addition, no one can take away your email list. If your only traffic source is google and they change their algorithm it can happen that your traffic will be halved. However, if you have an email list you are independent to other companies or traffic sources.

For email marketing I use GetResponse and I can totally recommend it! They have a 30 days test trial and they offer everything you need like Autoresponder, web forms or landing pages.

But now let’s have a look at tips I collected to build your email marketing list:

  1. Offer quality content. Nobody likes to give up their email address for free. If you want to build a valuable relationship and engage your audience, you need to provide quality content that is worthwhile and interesting.
  2. Put sign-up forms on every web page. Your sign-up form should be everywhere your potential subscribers are. Make sure it’s visible and easy to fill out. Good places for a sign-up form are on the right side of a website or on the bottom.
  3. Use social media to collect email addresses. Integrate your sign-up forms with social media platforms, like Facebook or Google+. Driving traffic from multiple sources allows you to build a strong email marketing list much faster and you will be less dependent on a single source.
  4. Design your sign-up form carefully. Ask only for information you plan to use. A good rule of thumb is that less is more — the shorter the sign-up form, the higher the conversion rate. In most cases the name and the email address is sufficient.
  5. Show your privacy policy. Inform your readers that you will not share their personal information with third parties. A clear privacy policy helps you build trust and convince visitors that it’s safe to subscribe.
  6. Show samples of your content. Let your subscribers know what they are signing up for. Use your older content samples to “sell” the email sign-up.
  7. Include a call to action. Put a call to action in your submit button, e.g. Sign me up! This makes the sign-up process more engaging and improves the conversion ratio. In most cases, it is a good idea to color the button in an eye-catching color like red or green.
  8. Give away freebies. Think of a relevant incentive for your audience (e-book, infographic, whitepaper, email-course) and provide it for free. Groupon built a 6 digit email list by giving away coupons.
  9. Ask subscribers to share. Take the time to prepare valuable, shareable content. Remember that putting the social share buttons is not enough; you still need to ask your subscribers to use them. The more the people will share your content the faster you can build your email list!
  10. Build a content distribution strategy. Producing great content is only half the battle. Make sure it’s visible to the right audience. Define who your ideal audience is and find out where they like to congregate online. This can be for example forums or Facebook Groups. But don’t spam them! Try to engage in their communication and help them.
  11. Publish landing pages. Create a squeeze page where visitors can download premium content in exchange for their email address. A dedicated web page helps users focus on the call to action and increases conversions. With GetResponse it is very simple to create landing pages!
  12. Include testimonials on your landing page. Social proof helps build trust toward a brand and its products. Use testimonials from satisfied customers to help visitors make a decision.
  13. Blog regularly. Great content brings more traffic. Develop a realistic content publishing schedule and stick to it. I would advise you to build new content at least once a week. The more content you produce the faster you will build your email list.
  14. Guest post on popular blogs. Publishing your content on other blogs is a great way to build relationships with other bloggers in your industry and introduce yourself to new people. Include a backlink to your blog, and your blog’s search rankings will go up.
  15. Collect email addresses at offline events. Be ready to collect email addresses at trade shows and conferences. Ask for business cards or use the Forms on the Go app to instantly add people to your list.
  16. Use viral email marketing. With viral mailer like viralurl, you can send up to 3000 emails every 3 days. The open rate can be very low but it can be very helpful building an email list.

As you can see there are many different ways to build a huge email list. Have you found other effective ways to build an email list? I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment below 🙂

Best regards,


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Affilorama Review – Scam or ledgit?

Today I want to have a look at Affilorama. Affilorama is a learning platform for online marketing and offers various different products.

How does it work?

Affilorama is very similar to the Wealthy Affiliate University. Affilorama was found by the affiliate millionaire Mark Ling in 2011. He offers various products on his website and I will tell you something about all of them.

Free Membership

You can join Affilorama for free and you get access to over 100 videos. They contain information about how to pick a niche, how to build a money building blog and how to generate traffic with SEO. The videos are very easy to understand and contain a lot of information.

I think it contains more than enough information to start your first online business and to earn good money.

This is great for every beginner marketer who wants to learn something about affiliate marketing or advanced user, who want lessons about SEO or PPC.

Try out for free here.

Premium Membership

With $1 you can test out the premium membership. The premium membership gives you access to more videos and lectures. In addition, you get free domain hosting and access to the Affilorama tools like SEO or PPC tools.

I tried these tools and the make a very solid impression.  I would recommend the premium membership to everyone who wants advanced topics in online marketing or tools.


You can also buy the AffiloBlueprint, which contains step-by-step instructions to build a profitable online business. Also, there are over 85 videos, which will help you to build an online business, drive traffic to it, and monetize it.

This is a great product for everyone who needs a foolproof step-by-step program. It can also be interesting for advanced users because it contains also advanced information like outsourcing.


Then there is also the AffiloJetpack 2.0. The AffiloJetpack 2.0 already contains the content for five different niches and an autoresponder.  So you can start making money right away without wasting time writing the content or building up an autoresponder.

AffiloJetpack can be for everyone. This can be a product for the online marketing novice or the advanced user. It can get you immediate results on autopilot and I think it is a great product.


The free membership is of course for free. For $1 you can upgrade to the premium membership for one month. The premium membership comes at a cost of $61 per month.

To acquire the AffiloBlueprint a single payment of $197 is needed. But with this payment, you get a live time access to all the videos and the training.

The most expensive product is the AffiloJetpack 2.0. It comes with the cost of $747. This sounds like a lot but there are five different already finished niche websites included. To work out 5 different websites you need a lot of time or money and you can save a lot of money by buying the Jetpack.

Does it work?

I tried out every product of Affilorama and I have to say it is really good. With the free or premium membership or the AffiloBlueprint you don’t get a get-rich-quick scheme. These are products, where you have to put in the work and the results will come later.

I know that niche marketing is working very good because I already build some. In the free or premium membership, you get so many information so you only need to use them. If you have problems or you need a step-by-step plan I would recommend you to buy the AffiloBlueprint.

I also gave it a try and I can say that it is working very good and it really helps you building your first website.

$747 is a lot of money in my eyes but still, I wanted to give it a try. I have to say that I have never been working with a product like AffiloJetpack 2.0. All you need to do is to use the stuff, which is already build for you. It was never easier for me to build a profitable niche website.

The investment of $747 have been really paying out for me and I would do it again. If you have the money I would recommend you to buy this product because it has never been easier to build a profitable website.


The downside

As the biggest disadvantage, I have to name the price. $747 for the AffiloJetpack or $147 for the AffiloBlueprint is a lot of money. This may not be an option for everyone.

Also what I didn’t like at the premium membership that there isn’t a step-by-step program. Of course you can buy the AffiloBlueprint but for example, Wealthy Affiliate has already included a step-by-step program in their premium membership.


As you can think now, Affilorama is no scam. It is an absolutely legit program for everyone who wants to learn more about online marketing. It may be very costly at the beginning if you are buying the Affilorama Jetpack, but this can be a very good investment.

I gained a lot of information about online marketing with Affilorama and I would recommend everyone to give it a try. If you want to get a free ebook from Affilorama then sign in below and download it.

Have you tried Affilorama and what have been your experience? I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment below 🙂