How to easily find high ranking keywords

How to easily find high ranking keywords

How to easily find high ranking keywordsIf you create a blog or an online business one of the most important aspects is how much traffic you will get. Traffic is the blood of an online business and without flowing blood, your online business will not survive. The more traffic you get, the more money you can make.

The more traffic you get, the more potential customers you have and the more money you can make. However it is not only important to have a lot of traffic, it is also important to have targeted traffic.

Let’s say you have a blog about coffee and your site is visited by a lot of people who are interested in basketball. How much will read your articles and maybe buy a product? As you may think not really much.

But if you have a lot of traffic on your site interested in coffee your articles will be read much more and you can make much more money. In addition, you need less traffic to make money.

As you can see, the quality of your traffic is more important than the quantity. But how can you get targeted traffic?

Sources of targeted traffic

There are many different sources to get highly targeted traffic. You can start a PPC campaign with Google or Bing. You can leave comments and posts on forums. You can create a social media site on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

You can also try to rank high on search engines and get traffic from search engines like Google or Bing. The process of ranking high on search engines is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The Google algorithm has currently over 200 different factors how a website should be ranked. One of them is for example how many backlinks your website has.

One of the most important factors is for what keywords you are ranking. If you try to rank for keywords with a lot of competition it will be hard to get on the first site on Google. So you need to try keywords

So you need to try keywords which have a lot of traffic and a low competition. But how can you find those keywords?

Find high-quality keywords

To find good keywords I use the tool Jaaxy (see here my review). I tried different tools but Jaaxy is by far the best tool I found. Not only you can find very easy a lot of good keywords, you can also monitor your site rankings.

Now I’ll show you how you can find high-quality keywords with Jaaxy. Let’s assume we have a site about coffee. And we want to write a review about different coffee machines.

So we open Jaaxy and type in “coffee machine” and we get the following results:

Results Jaaxy

The first row shows us different keywords around the keyword coffee machine. Then you can see the average traffic and the number of competitors (QSR). You can very easily detect a very good keyword by looking at the keyword quality index (KQI).

Green stands for a very good keyword, yellow for OK and red for poorly. So as we can see, coffee machine stand, industrial coffee machine, tassimo coffee machine, breville coffee machine, and coffee machines reviews are very good keywords we can rank on.

So now you can, for example, write an article about a tassimo coffee machine. Usually, it is a very good idea to have the keyword in the headline. So your headline can be for example “Tassimo Coffee Machine Review”.

So your headline can be for example “Tassimo Coffee Machine Review”. Inside the article, you write an honest review about such a machine including a link to Amazon with a Tassimo Coffee Machine.

Now everyone who is interested in a Tassimo Coffee Machine will (hopefully) see your article in Google and visit your site. This customer is now highly interested in a new coffee machine and it will be very likely that they will click on your link and buy something.

Find new ideas

As you can see with Jaaxy we can also find a lot of new ideas for articles. We only searched for coffee machines and we found a lot of new ideas for new articles like industrial coffee machine or breville coffee machine.

Also, we can use the “Alphabet Soup” technique inside Jaaxy. Let’s again assume you want to write an article about coffee machines. To find new ideas you can go to Google and type in “coffee machines a” and have a look at the results.Google Alphabet Soup

Now you can do the same with “b”, “c” and so on. Or you can use Jaaxy to do that:

Jaaxy Alphabet Soup

As you can see now we have instead 5 new ideas for articles only for the letter “a”. I don’t think that you can find keywords much faster.

As you can see it is not very hard to find high-quality keywords if you use the right tool. The best thing about organic traffic from Google is that it is free and usually high targeted.

Once you made it to the top of the search results you will get a lot of visitors and a lot of visitors can mean a lot of money.

Now I want to hear from you! How do you find high-quality keywords? Do you use different tools or what experience did you make with Jaaxy? I’d love to hear from you so please leave a comment below 🙂


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