Why you lose money without split testing

Why you lose money without split testing

If you are not using split testing stop with everything you do. Because with every hour you don’t use split testing you lose money.

What is split testing?

Split testing or A/B testing is a method to compare the effectiveness of two different methods. In online marketing, you usually compare the conversion rate of two different landing pages. But you can also split test the subject line of an email or the headline of a blog article.

To split test your landing page you need two different version you want to compare. The half of the visitors will now see landing page A and the other half Landing page B.

Why should you do that?

Simple answer: because you don’t know how good a landing page does convert. That’s why you should try different versions of it to get the best possible conversion rate of your landing page.

It is even more important for sales pages. If you want to sell a product you want to have the best converting page possible.

For every visitor, you have to pay (money or time) so if you don’t want to waste your money or time you should try to optimize your landing pages.

Especially if you set up PPC campaigns like Google Adwords or Facebook ads and you have to pay for every click you want your website as high converting as possible.

What can you split test?

If you have a landing page you have many options you can split test. Let’s have a small overview of the things you could test:

  • Headline
  • Text color
  • Content of the text
  • Arrangement of the text
  • Color of the sign-up button
  • Position of the sign-up button
  • Sales video
  • Sales text
  • Color of the website
  • The price
  • And a lot more…

All the factors play a crucial role in the conversion rate of your landing page. There are online marketers who were able by changing the color of their sign up button to double their conversion rate.

That’s incredible right? By changing the color of the button they doubled their profit!

How to start

Of course, you can’t split test all these factors at the same time. That’s why you need to go step-by-step. So start by creating two different landing pages where the call-to-action button is different.

After split testing, you can create a new landing page with a different headline.

And then you change the text.

And so on and so on…

You can continue until you are happy with your conversion rate.

How to create a split test

You have to options if you want to split test. You can either make everything by your own or you can use software for that.

That’s your decision but I would use software because it saves time and money. I can recommend to you different tools I have worked with.

If you are using GetResponse for email marketing you already have the option to split test different landing pages.

There is also the possibility to use advanced plugins like ThriveThemes or OptimizePress.

I’m pretty sure there are many different possibilities and I don’t think you can do much wrong.

Now you need to send traffic to your landing page. To compare the results you can use this free tool: http://getdatadriven.com/ab-significance-test

This will show you which version of your landing page has the better results. Of course, the number of visitors shouldn’t be too small to have relevant data. Also, the traffic sources of the two pages should have the same quality.

When does split testing make sense?

Before you start testing everything on your website you should check these requirements:

Your offer should fit your target group

If you have a product for pets and you get traffic from people who are interested in baseball the conversion rate will be very low. Also, even with split testing, you’ll not receive very good numbers. So check if your offer fits your target group.

You need an adequate amount of quality traffic

Only with a sufficient number of visitors, you can really compare two websites. If you only had 20 visitors per page you can’t say if one page is better than the other.

Also, if you have a lot of unqualified traffic it is also hard to compare the two websites. So try to get a lot of quality traffic so you can compare your two websites.

Your site must convert

That sounds confusing, right? Because we want to improve the conversion rate. That’s true but it is hard to compare two websites who don’t have any conversion at all.

If you sign up to GetResponse you already have a number of different tested landing pages where you only need to change the text and maybe the pictures. That’s very good for everyone who doesn’t have a lot of experience in website design 🙂

As you can see it is very important that you start split testing your website. Because we don’t know how good a website converts. Maybe we think the landing page is perfect but you never know how your visitors think about it.

With split testing, you can save yourself a lot of money and you can easily earn more profit. Now I want to hear from you. Do you already use split testing? What experiences have you made?

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