The 5 Ingredients That Make Content Great

The 5 Ingredients That Make Content Great

In the online marketing world, you will often read or hear these words, “content is king.” This is why many businesses have started to employ content marketing strategies by putting up blogs on their sites and posting their content in many different places.

Publishing valuable content that actually helps people is not only good for your brand’s SEO, but it also encourages engagement with your audience. It also sets you up as an authority or thought leader in your niche, which in turn leads to new sales for your business.

However, to create great content you should put in these 5 ingredients to make your content to truly stick!

It’s original

Google hates duplicate content. Don’t just copy and paste other people’s content because it can get you in a lot of trouble.

Don’t even think of using robots or content spinners to create spun content. This just results in more garbage content on the Internet.

If you truly want your content to be great, then you need to create original content. And by original, I don’t mean rehashing. If you want to establish yourself as an authority in your niche, then you need to take the time to write something that not many other people know.

Or if you don’t have the expertise, then you can outsource it to someone who actually knows the subject.

The point is that people, and search engines, will reward you in the long run for taking the time to make original content.

It’s actionable

Because there’s no call to action or the content itself wasn’t actionable at all. What you just read doesn’t tell you what you’re supposed to do so it leaves you confused.

If you want people to recognize your content as being great, then you’re going to have to give out actionable advice or tips in your content.

You don’t have to give them a step-by-step breakdown, but your content should at least make it easy to identify what your audience needs to do to apply the information you’re giving them.

It’s got a great headline

The headline is the first thing people see when they come upon your content. They’re not going to jump into the body, no. They’re going to read what your headline is all about and only then will they decide if they want to continue reading.

In essence, a great headline is what makes your reader want to continue. If you wrote a generic and boring headline, your readers might not want to go far enough to read the first paragraph. They ‘d just close the browser tab and move on to the next website.

It solves a pain point

People will check out your content if they think you can help them. If you’re offering the solution to a problem or you have the answer to their questions, then they’re going to check out your content.

Nowadays, people don’t just want answers.

They want answers fast. They want answers immediately.

Even if you do have the answers to their questions, if they can’t find it quickly, they’re going to leave and look somewhere else. Make sure you structure your content in such a way that your audience can immediately see what they came to find.

It’s written in a language your audience understands

This is an important ingredient for making great content. Of all, you need to know who your audience is so you know the kind of language they use, their slangs and terminology.

If your content is geared primarily towards millennials, then use their language. Don’t use difficult words that are more fit for people in the academe.

By using their language, you’re making your content relatable. You’re making it easy for people to trust you and they ‘d easily welcome you into their community because you belong. Your language will tell them that you’re one of them.

As you can see, it is not that complicated to create great content if you put in these 5 ingredients. Do you think there is some ingredient missing? Then let me know by writing a comment below!

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