Inbox Blueprint Review - Is it a scam?

Inbox Blueprint Review – Is it a scam?

Anik Singal, the creator of the Inbox Blueprint claims that you’ll make over $5,000 in sales within the first 60 days with his product. If not he says that he’ll have a look at your business and see what’s wrong.

But how good it the training and what has Inbox Blueprint to offer?

What is Inbox Blueprint?

Inbox Blueprint is a comprehensive email marketing course that teaches people all the parts of an effective email marketing strategy. As you may already know, email marketing should be your #1 focus while building an online business.

Anik Singal, the creator, says that one email subscriber earns you around $1 per month. That means if you have around 1,000 subscribers you are able to earn around $1,000 per month. However, to be able to earn $1 per subscriber you need to know how to build an email list and how to convert people into customers.

Who is Anik Singal?

Anik Singal is an extremely successful internet entrepreneur who was voted as one of the Top 3 Young Entrepreneurs by Businessweek magazine.

Not only that, his company, Lurn, Inc., earned the prestigious Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America 2 years in a row.

When it comes to email marketing, Anik Singal is one of the leading experts. With the help of email marketing, Anik was able to sell products worth of several million dollars. So this guy really knows his stuff 🙂

How does it work?

In Inbox Blueprint 2.0 consists of two huge parts. The first part is the training and the second part is the Launchpad. At first, I will have a closer look at the training and afterward, tell you more about Launchpad.

Inbox Blueprint Training

If you join Inbox Blueprint you first need to go through the whole training before you can get access to Launchpad. I think that’s pretty good as you should at first learn the foundation before you can start building your business.

The training is categorized into 9 different training modules:

inbox blueprint training

  • Training Module 1: Introduction – Learn what Inbox Blueprint is all about
  • Training Module 2: Addiction Meter – How you can easily find a profitable niche
  • Training Module 3: The Bait – How to create a high-converting opt-in page and a bait
  • Training Module 4: TYP Method – Learn the secrets thank you page strategy
  • Training Module 5: Email Machine – Learn more about email marketing and how should you set up your autoresponder.
  • Training Module 6: Emails & List Relationship – Learn more about the different types of email and how to apply them to your business
  • Training Module 7: Payday Secrets – Learn how to maximize your affiliate sales
  • Training Module 8: Easy Traffic – Traffic is the most important part of your business, so learn everything about how to get easy traffic to your business
  • Training Module 9: Unlimited Success – Learn what metrics you have to watch and how you can scale your business

Each training module has several training videos and the training videos are very good and easy to understand. As you can see, the training is very comprehensive and has a lot of content.

After going through the training you get access to Launchpad – and that’s how it really gets interesting.


If you want to start an email marketing business you need to invest time (or maybe money) to build the different parts of your business. You need to:

  • Find a profitable niche
  • Create a high-converting landing page
  • Create the bait (usually a free pdf report)
  • Find a compelling offer for your audience
  • Create an autoresponder with content emails and promotional emails

As you might guess, this can really take some time. With the help of Launchpad, you can create an email marketing business in less than 20 minutes! (I tried it myself)

Let’s have a look at how simple creating a business with Launchpad can be.

Step 1: Finding a niche

As I already told you, in the inbox blueprint training you already learn how to find a profitable niche. However, you can also use the already researched niches in Launchpad to start your business. Here is a small overview of some of the niches you can choose from:

launchpad niches

Step 2: Email Marketing Campaign

Now you have to create a new email list with the help of Sendlane. Afterward, you can choose from already prewritten emails how you autoresponder should look like. You can choose between relationship emails and promotional emails.

You can easily edit the emails or use them as they already are.

Step 3: Affiliate Offer

In this step, you have to choose an affiliate offer for your audience. As you have already picked a niche you get a variety of different affiliate offers from Clickbank in your niche:

clickbank affiliate offers

As you can see, you get information about the commission, the gravity and the saturation of the product. However, here you can also put in your own affiliate link. The link will now be inserted in the promotional emails.

Step 4: Free Report

This is one of my favorite features of Launchpad. Usually, you have to invest a lot of time (or money) to write a high-quality report you can give your visitors in exchange for their email address.

With Launchpad you have access to thousands of articles you can use to build your free report. So let’s say your niche is online dating. You can now easily search for articles about online dating and pick 5 of them to build your free report.

Afterward, you simply design the cover of your report with a drag and drop editor. I believe that creating a free report has never been easier.

Step 5: Funnel Design

The last step of your email marketing funnel is to create a high-converting landing page. Here Launchpad offers an easy to use landing page creator which helps you build your website within minutes. They offer a variety of different designs but you can easily create your own design if you want to.

After going through all the steps your online business is ready and you can start filling your business with traffic. Yes, it is that easy! In the following video you can see a short demo of Launchpad:

Does it work?

The training of the Inbox Blueprint is very comprehensive and offers a lot of value. However, in my opinion, the training is more to advanced online marketers that already have made their first experiences with email marketing and paid traffic.

The Launchpad works pretty well but I think you need a advanced knowledge to know how to create a high-converting landing page. If you create a landing page you need to know how to create a compelling headline, what kind of report the audience wants, etc.

If you already have some knowledge in PPC and email marketing I believe that Inbox Blueprint is one of the best email marketing courses you can get. If you are a beginner to online marketing I would recommend on checking out Wealthy Affiliate (read here my review).

How much does it cost?

The Inbox Blueprint comes at a cost of $997 (single payment) or 3 x $397. That includes access to the Inbox Blueprint Training, access to Launchpad, and 12 months unlimited support.

There are also some bonuses you get:

  • Free 12 Month Membership – Lurn VIP: Access to live training from Anik himself 4 times a month for 12 months
  • Traffic Academy: Learn everything about paid and free traffic
  • 6 Week Fast Start Program: Over the shoulder training to get your first 1,000 subscribers

I believe that Inbox Blueprint is worth the money if you invest the time to go through the training and build your business with the help of Launchpad. In addition, the bonuses are very good and help you succeed with email marketing.

Click here to get access to Inbox Blueprint!


Inbox Blueprint is a comprehensive email marketing course for advanced online marketers. I believe that is is one of the best courses you can get about email marketing. Anik Singal is one of the leading experts when it comes to email marketing so he really knows what he is talking about.

Besides the comprehensive training, you get access to Launchpad which makes it very simple to create new businesses very fast.

In conclusion, you can say that Inbox Blueprint is definitely no scam and a ledgit product!

Have you already used Inbox Blueprint? What has been your experience? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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