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Do you know the people who are fit and energized in the morning? Are you one of them? Or are you one of these persons who need a lot of coffee and time to get awake? Then you should absolutly read this article to be more fit and energized in the morning!

Place your alarm clock away from the bed

For me many mornings have looked like this: alarm is ringing: snooze. 5 minutes later: snooze… and so on. Until I felt fit enough to stand up. So usually when my alarm was set to 6:30am I never went out of bed before 7:00am. That means I wasted around 30 minutes everyday with hitting the snooze button.

So I thought that I need some change. I searched around the web and I found the tip to place the alarm clock away from my bed. So before going to bed I placed my alarm clock somewhere else, so I had to stand up to set of the alarm. The next morning I was a little angry at myself because I had to stand up to turn of the alarm 😀 but it worked. When I turned of the alarm I was standing in my room and I thought: “okay now that you are awake you can have a shower right away” and I went having a shower.

I was ready with my shower and the clock said: 6:45am. So I was 30 minutes earlier as usual and I had more than enough time for breakfast. And I felt great. I felt great because I found a way to stand up much earlier and I felt much more awake.

Now about 5 years later I still place my alarm away from my bed and it really helps my getting out of the bed no matter how tired I am.

Shower cold

I read an article about 2 years from now saying that showering cold is the best motivation boost you can have. So I wanted to give it a try. But without any success. I was standing for like 5 minutes in the shower talking to myself. But then I lost the argument to myself and enjoyed a hot shower. And I still really love to have a how shower. And I didn’t wanted to miss that.

So time went by until I had an idea to shower cold and still be able to enjoy a hot shower. Sounds impossible? My idea was to start my usual hot shower and the last 10 seconds of the shower I turn the water as cold as possible. And I challenged to myself to do it for the next 45 days. Why 45 days? Because I thought if I can do that for the next 45 days I have enough time to see the hopefully positive results so I make a habit out of it.

So the next day in the morning I turned the water to cold and counted to 10. The water was so cold I was not able to breathe for the 10 seconds. But afterwards I felt like I can run a marathon or lift a car. The second day was harder then the first day because I knew what was coming. But I did it again. And I was feeling so energized again. So time went by and the 45 days went by really fast. And I’m still showering cold at the end for at least 10 seconds. Why?

Because I feel much more energized and awake in the morning. And also much more motivated. Because when I showered cold I already have done something out of my comfort zone. And from there I felt that nothing could stop me. So I can absolutly recommend you to challenge yourself to have a cold shower every morning! It will be worth it!

Enjoy a good breakfast

The breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For over 8 hours your body didn’t get any nutrition and is empty. So it is your job to give your body what it needs so your body can work much better and you will feel more energized and awake.

Your breakfast should contain some fruits and a lot of good carbs. Good carbs are in food like whole-grain bread or oatmeal. Play around a little bit so it doesn’t get boring. You can also add fish if you want to or eggs. Also try to trink at least one glass of water in the morning.

If you are not motivated in the morning to make such a breakfast you can prepare it the day before so you only have to take it out of the fridge.

Do something you feel passionate about

This is by far the best tip I can give you. Do you remember how you felt when you woke up and it was your birthday or Santa was coming? Did you feel tired in these days? I bet you don’t. I don’t want to say that Santa has to come everyday, but I want to say that you should do something in the morning you like and you feel passionate about.

Maybe you want to do some exercising in the morning. I love a good run in the morning, but I know enough people who don’t like to exercise in the morning. So you have something you like and what challenges you. Maybe you want to build your first business and the first thing in the morning is to work on that. Whatever it is, if you go to bed and you look forward into the next morning you are doing everything well.

This can also be a job you love. If you have a job you love and you like going there it is much easier to stand up in the morning and be positive. So if are not happy about your current job then you need to make a change! If you want to work on your passion and earn money doing that you definitly have to check out my review about Wealthy Affiliate!

I hope you have now an good impression on how to have your perfect morning. For me these things helped a lot to be much more energized and awake in the morning.

How does you morning routine look like?  I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment below 🙂


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