ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review

The ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp is a training program which should help you earning money by promoting ClickFunnels, a sales funnel builder. But how good is the Affiliate Bootcamp and for whom is it for?

Retire in 100 days?

retire in 100 days

The goal of the Affiliate Bootcamp is to help people to retire in 100 days by promoting ClickFunnels. That sounds too good to be true so let’s have a look how you could retire in 100 days.

For every referral, you make to ClickFunnels you get a 40% monthly recurring commission. ClickFunnels comes at two different prices, $97 per month or $297 per month. That means if someone signs up over your link for the $97 membership you get a monthly commission of $40.

If you refer one new member to ClickFunnels per day for 100 days you have referred 100 members and that means you earn a monthly commission of $4000! Plus if you get 100 active people using ClickFunnels you get up to $500 payment for your car.

If you get 200 members you even get $1.000 per month to cover the lease for any car you want. Plus you get commissions based on your sticky cookie.

The sticky cookie

I believe that the principle of the sticky cookie makes ClickFunnels one of the best affiliate programs. Let’s say you refer a new member to ClickFunnels. Beside ClickFunnels, Russell also has many other different products like his best selling books or training programs like Funnel Scripts or the Perfect Webinar.

If the referred member buys anything else from Russell you’ll also get a commission! Without any further marketing from your side! What this means is that you can earn a lot of commission by only referring new members to ClickFunnels.

That all sounds too be good to be true, right? I know a lot of programs that overhype their memberships but the signup rate is pretty low or it turns out to be a complete scam afterward.

In addition, they claim that the program has the value of $997. But is it really that good or is that just a made up number? Let’s have a closer look at the Affiliate Bootcamp.

Analysis of the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

Who is the founder of the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp?

The person behind ClickFunnels and the Affiliate Bootcamp is Russell Brunson. Russell Brunson is one of the leading internet marketing experts and the author of two best-selling books. Russell earned millions of dollars by selling products over the internet so he really knows what he is talking about.

Here are some articles about Russell:

This guy is definitely credible and not a ‘nobody’ in the internet marketing world.

He really made an impact with creating ClickFunnels and helping businesses to spread their message and not break down on the technical details.

Is the Affiliate Bootcamp legit?

When you check out the introduction video from the landing page you learn how you can retire in 100 days but now how. In the video, you don’t get any information what the whole course is all about.

After creating your free account you come to the membership site you come to an introduction video on how everything works, what to expect and the FAQs.

Affiliate Bootcamp Membersite

As you can see, there is one video for every day. The videos of day 1-5 are about an hour each but they contain a lot of basic information which are great for every newbie to have a foundation. Afterward, the videos get shorter but you need to do assignments.

I don’t think you can specify the Affiliate Bootcamp as a scam as all the videos are free and you never have to pay for any information. You maybe have to pay for the tools but that is only optional so this program is 100% legit!

Is it Newbie-Friendly?

As I already told you, the videos at the beginning are designed for anyone who wants to earn money online including everyone who has never earned a single cent online!

The videos are each 1 hour long and they contain a lot of information to get you started with online marketing.

affiliatebootcamp day 1

In addition, there are supplementary videos to help you guide through the training. They show you how to come up with ideas and how to follow certain guidelines to bring your idea to the market.

affiliatebootcamp additional videos

The more days you are into the Affiliate Bootcamp the more advanced the training gets. What this means is that not only newbies can learn something. There is also some advanced stuff for advanced online marketers.

In conclusion, you can say that the training is very newbie friendly but is also packed of advanced techniques for experienced online marketers.

What does the program cover?

I’ve been through the whole program and there are a few things that this program does cover:

a. It teaches you how to build an online business

This program is not only limited to promoting ClickFunnels. In the first videos, Russell teaches you a lot about building an online business in general.

He teaches you principles like how to find the perfect customer and how to apply the concept of the attractive character. These techniques can be used for promoting ClickFunnels as well as be used for selling your own products or services.

b. How to use Facebook Ads

The main traffic principle of the Affiliate Bootcamp is paid traffic through Facebook Ads. One big advantage of Facebook Ads is that is very fast. You can literally start earning money on day 1 after setting up your Facebook Ads. That’s totally different to traffic sources like SEO where you have to work like 3 months before getting the first results.

The other big advantage of Facebook Ads is, that you can create hyper-targeted marketing campaigns. If you want to market ClickFunnels you need to have a target group that can profit from using ClickFunnels. After finding your target group you can easily target this group with Facebook Ads.

affiliate bootcamp facebook ads

Is it free?

The answer to this question has two parts – Yes and No.

The Affiliate Bootcamp teaches you to earn money by promoting ClickFunnels. This course alone is worth $997. To get access to this course is entirely free, along with all the training and support to help you promote the program.

However, as I already mentioned, the core traffic strategy is Facebook Ads which costs money. In addition, you need to have some kind of landing page creator (ClickFunnels recommended) and an autoresponder (Actionetics recommended).

So let’s have a look at the costs you have when you want to start promoting ClickFunnels:

  • ClickFunnels Account. 14 days free trial (97$/month or $297/month)
  • Facebook Ads (Depending on your budget)
  • Autoresponder (around $20/month)

Of course, you can use a different landing page creator than ClickFunnels but they already give you access to templates which help you earning money with the Affiliate Bootcamp much faster as you don’t have to start designing your own landing pages.

In addition, it would be a little ironic if you promote ClickFunnels with a different landing page creator 🙂

Can you really earn from the Bootcamp?

One sure answer to this question is: YES!

If you join the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp you get access to all the training you need to create a successful online business. You can also use the training to earn money with other affiliate products as well.

However, you can only be successful if you stuck to the training. If you only follow half of the training you don’t need to wonder why it doesn’t work.

ClickFunnels is one of the best online marketing tools I know and not a shoddy product made just for people to refer to buy it.

Also, this program has nothing to do with MLM where the main mode of earning revenue is through a multi-tier commission system.

I think the affiliate program is quite generous as you get 40% monthly recurring commission and thanks to your sticky cookie you can earn additional commission.

One of their most expensive products pays up to a whopping $3,000 for a single sale!

If you still don’t think you can earn any money with the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp you can have a look at my results:

clickfunnels earnings

These results are all based on the training of the Affiliate Bootcamp! So as you can see, it is totally possible to earn money with the Affiliate Bootcamp.

Is there support provided?

For me, one important part of every affiliate program is the support. How long does it take to get an answer and how good is the support?

If you join the Affiliate Bootcamp you have the possibility to contact the support over email. I already needed the support and they answered my quest very fast and very good.

In addition, you can join the main Facebook group called the ClickFunnels Affiliate Avengers. The group has a size of over 42,000 members and you can get immediate support for any question you have.

Inside the group, there is also often training and questions asked by newbies or advanced marketers. The community is very active and there are many people who can help you answer your questions.

I know a lot of ‘dead’ facebook groups where nobody is posting anything but this group is pretty active and helpful in my eyes.


There are not often times when I highly recommend anything but the Affiliate Bootcamp is such a program.

There are many BS programs out there that only want to have your money but the Affiliate Bootcamp is different. Russell knows that if he provides you the knowledge to be a successful affiliate for ClickFunnels he will be successful.

That’s why he’s providing this advanced training totally free.

Click here to create your free account!

As you have already seen, I’m promoting ClickFunnels myself and I think they have one of the best affiliates programs you can have.

Even if you are not interested in promoting ClickFunnels I would join the training and watch the videos from day 1-5 as they provide so much value and information. This training is totally free and can be very helpful for many online marketers out there!

If you continue with the training you can literally start earning money from day 1!

Invest your time and effort into the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp and you will be successful!

Click here to create your free account.

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