Wealthy Affiliate vs. Affilorama

Wealthy Affiliate vs. Affilorama

If you search the internet for training programs that help you earning money online with affiliate programs you usually come see two programs very often. That is Affilorama (see here my review) and Wealthy Affiliate (see here my review).

But which program is better and is the number one training program for affiliate marketing?

In the following, I will compare the two programs as good as possible.

The free membership

Both training programs come with a free membership which is very good to test them and to see whether they are worth the money or not.

Here I think Wealthy Affiliate has a small advantage as you get 2 free websites and 10 step-by-step training sessions. That makes it very easy to get the first steps done in the online marketing world. In addition, you can connect to all the members of Wealthy Affiliate and get to know some new people.

In Affilorama you get also free training but it’s “only” informational content and you don’t get any steps or assignments. Also, there isn’t a community as there is in Wealthy Affiliate.

One Time Offer

If you join Wealthy Affiliate you get the first 7 days a discount for the first month and you pay instead of $49 only $19.

After joining Affilorama you get the chance to get the first premium month for only $1. However, this is only a one time offer.

The premium membership

As I already told you, both training programs offer a premium membership. In the following, I will compare the features of both premium memberships.


As I already mentioned the premium membership costs $19 the first month and $49 every month afterward. You can also upgrade to a yearly membership which costs $359 per year.

The Affilorama Premium Membership comes at a cost of $67 per month which means that Wealthy Affiliate is cheaper.


In Wealthy Affiliate, you get access to over 5 levels of certification and each level has 10 training lessons with training videos and step-by-step assignments.

The training is very good and very easy to follow. There are also weekly live classes which cover the newest trends in online marketing. Also, the members of Wealthy Affiliate are able to create training themselves so there is new training coming in each month.

The training is mainly focused on SEO which isn’t bad but I believe that SEO should be used to build an email list.

With the Affilorama Premium Membership there comes +100 new training videos on the topics of SEO, PPC and Email marketing. However, these are good training videos but there aren’t any step-by-step assignments or tasks.

However, there is also training about how to create and sell a product which is very good easy to follow. Some of the training is outdated and can harm your rankings but these lessons are marked.

What I liked more about the training of Affilorama is that it is not only focused on SEO. There is also PPC and email marketing training within Wealthy Affiliate but the main focus is SEO.

In conclusion, I think, that the Wealthy Affiliate membership training is better and more easy to follow.

In this context, I have to mention that there also the possibility to get step-by-step training of Affilorama by buying the Affilorama Blueprint for $197.


In Wealthy Affiliate, you get access to the tools you need to build your online business which includes hosting for up to 25 websites and a keyword tool. The keyword tool is easy to use but very basic.

Affilorama is able to host 15 websites for you. You also get access to the “beta” version of AffiloTools which is a very good tool for SEO. That tool makes it easy to follow your rankings in SEO and your sales within ClickBank.

Support and community

One of the greatest things about Wealthy Affiliate is the community. If you ever have any problem or question there is always someone who can help you. In addition, you can also directly contact the founders of Wealthy Affiliate if you have any problem.

In Affilorama, you get access to the member forum but that is not as active as the community compared to Wealthy Affiliate. In addition, you can only contact the support of the founder and not the founder himself.

I believe that is also a big advantage for Wealthy Affiliate.


As you can see, I believe that the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership is slightly better than the Affilorama Membership. The big advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate membership is the step-by-step training and the community.

However, the advantage of Affilorama is that it doesn’t only focus on SEO.

Also, one big advantage of Wealthy Affiliate is that there aren’t any further upsells. There is only the premium membership and no further high-end products. In Affilorama there is the premium membership, the Affilorama Blueprint ($197), the Affilorama JetPack ($747), and Affilorama themes ($97).

That shouldn’t mean that any products of Affilorama aren’t worth the money. But within Affilorama you can spend much more money than you could be using Wealthy Affiliate.

If you want to test Wealthy Affiliate you can create a free account here. If you want to try the Affilorama free membership you can create a free account here.

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