The Commission Machine Review - Is it a scam

The Commission Machine Review – Is it a scam?

Is it possible to earn $2,642 per day even if you’re a complete newbie without any money, experience, and money? Michael Cheney claims that this is possible with his product The Commission Machine.

But how good is the Commission Machine and is it worth the money?


Commission Machine is a video-based training program that allows people to learn how to promote their affiliate marketing business by writing effective emails.

But it does not train people about generating traffic to their website nor does it provide any tool to help you in creating a funnel for your landing page. Still, it is a good product for the people who want to make money online without any investment and experience.

What is commission machine?

the commission machineCommission Machine is a video course spread over 7 modules to teach you the tricks to make your affiliate marketing business more effective.

In fact, Michael Cheney has developed a product instead of a training program as he promises that you can have an outstanding career in affiliate marketing by making higher commissions after taking training from his training modules.

After following this training program you can learn everything required to make your affiliate marketing successful by allowing you to make enormous money through it.

Commission Machine tells you all the things about marketing and advertisement of affiliate products to increase the number of sales like several other products of internet marketing.

But Cheney has focused mainly on Psychological marketing on the basis of his long experience in this field. According to him, psychological marketing can be misleading in certain cases still it has potential to encourage many people to buy your products. In this way, his method of advertising affiliate marketing products through email marketing can help you in making money online successfully.

About the author

michael cheneyThe author of Commission Machine, Michael Cheney, is a person who claims to be a super successful affiliate marketer. He has been an internet marketer for nearly twenty years in the U.K., In general, it is considered that he is a reliable source who knows the ways to produce training materials of high quality.

Who the Commission Machine is for

Cheney has created this Commission Machine for the affiliate marketers who want to improve their career in affiliate marketing business. It is also created for those who want to increase the sales of their online affiliate marketing business.

The marketers who want to make more money by sending offers and emails to convert the visitors to their website into real customers can also be benefited with this training program. However, I would recommend this product for affiliate marketers with some experience.

If you’re a complete newbie this program is not that good for you. Here I can recommend other online marketing programs like Wealthy Affiliate (read here my review)

Things inside the Commission Machine

The author of Commission Machine has made the process of Research, Angle, Provide, Incentive and Deploy i.e. R.A.P.I.D. easy to understand through the 7 modules of his video-based training program. The things provided in these 7 modules include:

Module 1 Overview: This video introduces with the outline of the things this program will teach you.

Module 2 Research: This video will teach you how to research the topics of your preferable niche properly. It further teaches you about the ways to find the most lucrative niche for you.

Module 3 Angle: In this module, you will learn the importance of keeping your promotional content original. It will provide you an edge to make you different from your competitors. This difference in angle of thinking will help you in coming closure to the niche you have selected.

Module 4 Providing Incentives: This module teaches you that by providing bonuses and incentives to your leads you can easily defeat your competitors. It will help you in discouraging the people who go directly to the homepage of the affiliate and ignore you.

You can offer incentives and bonuses only to those who use your link to sign up with an affiliate program. This module will also teach you about the situations when you should not offer this kind of promotional discounts along with how to create bonuses for your customers.

Module 5 Email Campaign: This module will teach you the ways to create good quality copywriting that can really compel your leads to click on the button to buy your affiliate products. Though it seems to be very easy the tips provided in this module can make it easier and effective.

In fact, to create powerful content that is not only enjoyed by the leads but also compels them to take action you must have a very experienced and qualified writer. This training program also teaches you the ways to run your email campaign successfully.

Module 6 Deploy: In order to make your marketing campaign successful you have to take care of many things. This module will teach you how to take care of those things so that you remain organized to face your competitors.

Module 7 Beginners Module: This last module of this training program is specially created for the people who want to start affiliate marketing business without any experience and money to invest in it.

In fact, module 1 to module 6 are designed for the intermediate level affiliate marketers who know how to make online money through affiliate marketing and module 7 is for entirely new people in this field.

Pros and Cons of Commission Machine


  • These step-by-step videos are easy to follow
  • You have to pay only once to buy this product
  • The presentation of thee videos is commendable
  • The best way to promote your affiliate marketing business is email marketing
  • The presentation of this entire program is impressive and exciting


  • This training program is not easy to understand for newbies as claimed on its sale page
  • You can run an affiliate marketing business only if you have a website and a list of customers.
  • Price of Commission Machine


The original price of this training program is $47 (not $19.95 anymore). However, there are also some upsells of this product so let’s have a look at the sales funnel:

commission machine sales funnel

Commission Machine Sales Funnel

If you come to the sales page of the commission machine you can buy the front-end product for $47, which is the 7-module video course.

Right after your purchase, you are stepping through the funnel with your first One-Time-Offer (OTO) called The Golden Ticket.

OTO 1: The Golden Ticket

The Golden Ticket is a membership product which costs $27/month or $197 for a lifetime access.

The membership offers you access to Micheal’s monthly LIVE webinar where you can watch Michael creating his “commission machine” LIVE. On top of that, you get access to one Done-For-You sales funnel every month which is created by Michael.

I believe this is much better than just his 7-module video course where everything is just theory.


If you pass the first OTO you’ll get immediately the downsell for the Golden Ticket.

What this means is, you can get the Golden Ticket now for just $17/month or $124 for a lifetime access. However, this includes that you can’t watch the LIVE webinar and you only have access to the recorded webinar.

OTO 2: Commissionology

It doesn’t matter if you have accepted the OTO or the downsell you’ll now get another upsell.

The second upsell is called Comissionology and is a $97 Done-For-You service.

By purchasing this upsell, you get access to 7 Done-For-You sales funnels that you can immediately deploy to your business and use. In addition, you get all the messages and Email swipes you can use for your autoresponder.


Some people consider commission machine scam but after going through the Commission Machine review provided in this write up it can be concluded as a great product for those affiliate marketers who already have an email list of prospective customers.

An email list can help in increasing traffic to your affiliate marketing site to increase your sales and hence profit. In fact, this training program helps in redirecting the commission to your account by promoting your business through email marketing.

The Done-For-You funnels can be very helpful even if you are a beginner.

So, Commission Machine can be the right tool for you to make money online through email marketing if you already have a website and an auto-responder.

Have you made any experience with the commission machine? Is there anything I forgot to mention? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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