Morfix review - scam or opportunity-

Morfix Review – Scam or Opportunity?

Auto-liking, auto-commenting, auto-direct messaging, and auto-scheduling. These are only some of the great features Morfix promises on their website (see here).

But how good are the features working in reality? I tested this Instagram automation tool and in the following, you can see my results.

How does it work?

Morfix works very similar to Leadfriend. They help you grow your profile by engaging with other members in your niche. Before the algorithm can work you need to set up your account.

Setting up your account

Before you do anything else you need to pick a niche. Morfix has already predefined niches like:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Make money online
  • Food
  • Health and Fitness
  • etc.

You can also choose “custom” if your niche is different. Now you need to choose which options you want to use. Here is a screenshot of my account where you can see more details:Morfix screeshot

As you can see you can turn on and of automated liking, comments, following and unfollowing. So for example, if you don’t want to auto-comment you can turn that off.

Next, you can set up advanced auto follow/unfollow options. The screenshot below shows you all the options:

There are many different options you can set. If you have a rather new account you want to turn down the follow/unfollow speed so your Instagram account won’t be blocked.

In the next step, you can set up comments you want to be posted. This really depends on your goal. This can be for example “Great post! Be sure to check out our profile!”.

Now you can also set up hashtags and profiles you want to target.

Lastly, you can set up direct messages that should be sent out to new followers. Here you can vary with different versions.

One the one side this is great for split testing and on the other side, this needed to “trick” the Instagram algorithm. If you only have one version and this message gets sound out 50 times a day the algorithm thinks you are using a tool and will maybe block your account.

However, to avoid this you can create many different variations of one message.

Schedule posts

Another great feature of Morfix is auto-scheduling posts. You can either choose your own content or already created content from Morfix. They already give you access to hundreds of pictures in the Lifestyle, Entrepreneurship and Fitness niche. So if you don’t want to

So if you don’t want to create content you can use this content.

The idea of the scheduling feature is pretty good. However, I think it can be improved. At first, you have to schedule pictures in a different time zone (GMT +8) what can be very confusing.

Also, there is no option to see only pictures you haven’t posted, yet. So you always have to know which pictures you have posted and which you haven’t.

With a little practice, it gets easier but at the beginning, it can be really frustrating.

After scheduling your posts you can see in the logs if there has been a problem with posting your pictures. Unfortunately, there are sometimes errors and your picture couldn’t be posted.

I also have noticed that scheduled pictures have a much lower engagement rate than manually posted pictures. I think the Instagram algorithm notices if you schedule a lot of posts and lowers your engagement but that is just my opinion. (If you need a tool to schedule check out this tool)


Morfix offers different packages with different features.

Free account: You can start Morfix as a free member and use some of their features. You can automatically send out DMs to your new followers and activate the auto-like feature.

However, the messages and your scheduled posts are branded by Morfix. If you want to remove the branding you have to upgrade to the premium package.

Premium account: The premium account costs $37/month and has all the automation features for one account. That includes auto-liking, auto-commenting access to the affiliate program and training and much more.

If you want to use Morfix with more than one account you have to upgrade your account to Business.

Business account: The business account costs $97/month and includes up to 5 different Instagram accounts. In addition, you get invited to the auto engagement group which will help you boost your account.

Who is it for?

Morfix can be a great tool for

  • People who want to easily get more followers
  • Business owners who want to sell with Instagram
  • Affiliates who want to earn money with the Morfix affiliate program

Does it work?

I already had one account using Leadfriend but I wanted to test Morfix and created a second account. It all seemed very great until I started scheduling some posts.

As I already mentioned, you have to schedule the posts in a different time zone. That was really confusing at the beginning. But after the first 10 posts, it worked out pretty well.

They say that if you have a very new account you have to turn down the follow/unfollow speed so you won’t get blocked. However, I had my speed on the lowest level but I still had problems with it.

My account didn’t get banned but in the Morfix dashboard, it said that the Instagram algorithm throttled my account. That isn’t something bad, it just means that in the next 4-5 days the Morfix algorithm doesn’t work.

That is something completely different to Leadfriend where I never had any problems. However, when the algorithm is working the growth is very good.

Also, as I already described, the scheduled posts have a lower engagement rate than manually posted pictures.

Besides, these small problems the algorithm works out very good and I get new followers and leads every day.

The affiliate program

Morfix offers a very great affiliate program. Here are the two reasons for it that I liked the most:

Reason #1: Commission structure

For every referral in the premium package, you get $20/month recurring commissions. That means if you only refer two new members you account is free! For every business referral, you get $50/month recurring commissions.

This is a great opportunity to build a passive income stream!

Reason #2: Step-by-step training

Inside the Morfix backend, you get step-by-step affiliate training that really helps you to become a successful affiliate. The training is very detailed and should be enough to make money on Instagram.


Morfix is a very good tool for Instagram automation but it is not perfect. It has a great backend with many different settings and a great affiliate program.

However, there are some small problem with the tool but if you can live with these you’ll have access to a great tool. If you want to start your free trial check click here.

If you want to download a free ebook how you can earn your first $1.000 with Instagram and Morfix click here.

Have you made any experiences with Morfix? Or maybe you are using another tool? Let me know by leaving a comment below 🙂

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