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How to successfully sell products with affiliate marketing without any cost

Affiliate marketing is awesome!

All you need to do is to send traffic to another website and someone else takes care of the rest.

You don’t need to work on the product, create a sales page, take care of the customer support or anything else.

Plus, you can get 50% commissions with digital products.

If the price of the product is higher you can easily earn between $100-$500 per sale!

That sounds great, right?

But how can you get traffic to affiliate websites so that people will buy the product and you get your commission? And how can you do that without investing into traffic?

There are many different ways to do that, I’ll show you the most lucrative tactics in this article.

1. Write a blog article

Do you have a blog?

Then why don’t you write a review about that product? You don’t have to invest any money, just some time.


Do never write about a product that doesn’t fit into your niche! That is the best way to destroy your blog.

I give you some examples:

  • Do you have a blog about golfing? Then don’t write something about online marketing.
  • Do you have a blog about finances? Then don’t waste your time writing about dog training.
  • Do you have a blog about electronics? Don’t write about a smoothie recipe book.

Why shouldn’t you do that?

1. The wrong target group

People who are visiting your blog have an interest in your niche. However, if you sell something from another niche you would have a very low sales rate.

2. You scare off your readers

You readers wouldn’t understand why you are writing about something completely different. Or they do understand (that you only want to earn money) and they never visit your blog again.

That’s why you should always market only products that could be interesting for your audience.

How to write an article that sells a digital product

Now you have found one or more products that fit your niche and now you want to sell them by writing a blog post.

So what do you need to do?

It is always a good idea to test the product. Only then you can really see for whom the product is for and what ad- and disadvantages the product has.

Only sell the products that you are using yourself and that you like. (Don’t recommend anything you wouldn’t buy yourself or recommend your best friends)

If you want to market a product you don’t know, buy it. You can see that as an investment because you’ll sell it in the future. Plus you’ll learn something from this product 🙂

If you don’t have the money to buy the product you can ask the vendor for a free copy of the product. Often they help you because they want you to advertise their product!

However, if course not everyone will help you if you don’t already have a successful blog or an email list.

After testing the product, you maybe already have results you can show and if you are convinced you can write an article about it.

It is important that you give value to your reader.

Don’t use the blog copies of the vendors! This can harm your rankings within Google and cost you a lot of traffic.

Write about a problem and how the product helped you to solve your problem, what experiences you have made with the problem and who you would recommend buying this product.

There is no product that is perfect for everyone. There are always target groups for products. So for example, Wealthy Affiliate is great for everyone who wants to build an online business based on affiliate marketing.

However, it is not great for people who want to sell their own products/services.

The more honest and authentic you write your article the more trust you build with your readers. That can help you with future recommendations.

2. Email Marketing

If you have an email list you can promote products to your affiliates. That’s free because you already generated the leads.

Here applies the same concept like with blog post.

Only recommend products you have tested and you would buy again.

You can either send the link to the product or you send a link to your blog post.

Small tip: It is a good idea to send out several emails to your list. In the first email you can send out your blog article and 2-3 days later you can send out an email with the affiliate link.

Is there another possibility if you don’t have a blog or an email list?

3. YouTube Video

To create a YouTube video you need some equipment. You need a microphone. That doesn’t have to be expensive. I have two different, one is a little more expensive and the other a little cheaper.

If you are planning on making several videos then I can recommend the more expensive one, you can really hear the difference. But both are very good for that cause.

If you are planning on recording your screen you don’t need a camera. Otherwise, you can take the camera of your phone, that should be enough for the beginning.

You can easily create a presentation with Google Drive.

Now you need a program to capture your video.

I’m now using Camtasia. This program is very good, however, it has also a very good price 😀 You can use it for free for 30 days and in this time you can make as many videos as possible 😉

Or you can use a free tool like Screencast-O-Matic. I did make my first videos with that, it is very simple to use. However, you can only take 15 minutes videos and the video is watermarked with their logo.

But it is for free 🙂


Affiliate marketing is amazing.

You don’t have any work with the product itself.

However, you can only make money if you send the right people to the right product. And that takes time.

But I believe that is a very good investment 🙂

Now I want to hear from you:

How do you recommend digital products?

And if you don’t what do you think is your favorite way? 🙂

About the Author Fabi

While I was in college I was not amused to become a 9-5 worker. So I searched for other ways. And I found online marketing. After many failures, I finally succeeded and I was able to escape the 9-5 and live the life I always wanted. I believe that if you want something you can achieve it. And if you want to build a successful online business I can help you achieve your goal!

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