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You maybe heard that every business needs a sales funnel. And I can totally agree with that statement. However, while building a sales funnel can be pretty easy with software like ClickFunnels, creating a sales funnel that converts can be pretty hard.

To create a high-converting sales funnel you need all the knowledge and know-how to do so. Having this in mind, a concept for a training program was established. The name for this program is called Funnel University.

What is Funnel University?

Funnel University, or simply Funnel U is a structured training program for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to learn more about sales funnels and how to structure them for the maximum revenue generation.

In addition, you’ll get access to premium software that helps you optimize your funnels and you learn how to create scripts, sales letters and how to test your funnels.

Who is Funnel University For?

Funnel University is for…

  • Business owners who use ClickFunnels
  • Marketers who want to optimize their funnels for optimal revenue generation
  • People who want to get access to the huge Funnel University’s knowledge base


Funnel University offers two different payment plans which will cover any type of budget. There is a 14 day free trial period which helps you make a decision without any risk. I believe that 2 weeks is more than enough to get to know Funnel University very good.

Monthly Membership

If you choose the monthly membership you can use the 14 day trial period. Afterward, you’ll be charged a monthly membership fee. Usually, you have to pay $197/month but at the moment there is a discount which means you can get the membership for $67/month. This plan is great for everyone with a smaller budget.

Yearly Membership

The yearly membership has a regular price of $2364/year but you can get 1-year full access for just $597/year for a limited time. If you choose the yearly membership you would save $207 compared to the monthly membership for 12 months. This is a great option if you want to save some money and you can invest the $597/year.


Is there anyone who hates free stuff? Of course not!

ClickFunnels is known to give away a lot of free stuff so it’s no surprise that signing in to Funnel U would give you access to further free stuff. You can get access to these items for free – all you need to pay is the shipping and handling at $19.95:

Funnel Stacking: The 3 Core Funnels (Value: $297)

The first item on the freebies list is Russell Brunson’s book, Funnel Stacking: The 3 Core Funnels.

funnel university funnel stacking

Source: Funnel University

This book is absolutely amazing. It is packed with everything you need to know about the 3 core funnels – how they are structured, how and why they work and how you can build them in a very detailed format. In addition, you’ll learn what powerful scripts you can use and how to leverage these 3 funnels in your business, and so much more!

The Funnel University Black Card (Value: $497)

funnel u black card

Source: Funnel University

The next item on the list looks like an ordinary credit card but is, in reality, a USB device packed with powerful video training where you’ll learn valuable information to help you make the most out of your sales funnel. You’ll learn everything from funnel hacking, funnel building, copywriting, and much more!

You can carry it around in your wallet and watch the training anywhere and anytime!

Membership Benefits

In the following, we will dig deeper into all the things you get access by signing up for the Funnel U membership.

The Funnel University Print Newsletter (Value: $1297)

funnel u newsletter

Source: Funnel University

Every month you get access to a new newsletter which has 3 benefits:

  1. Russell top 2 funnels of the month with in-depth insights and details explanations
  2. A video of Russell talking about the 2 funnels of the month. You’ll hear what he liked and what he didn’t like and how you can use these funnels for your business.
  3. Access to the two hacked funnels by the shared funnels feature of ClickFunnels.

The DotComSecrets Labs Software Suite (Value: $1997)

I believe that the Underground Software Suite is another great reason to sign up for the Funnel University. This tool gives you access to Russell’s custom software plugins which you can use to optimize your funnel conversions.

funnel u software

Source: Funnel University

Here is a small collection of the tools you’ll get access to:

  • ‘Push Play’ Image Uploader. This tool makes uploading images much easier. A ‘play button’ lets you immediately upload every image to Amazon for hosting. This can be great for emails and blog posts.
  • Instant Survey Creator. If you are using Survey Pages at ClickFunnels this can be pretty helpful tool for you. This tool makes it pretty easy to create surveys for your pages.
  • Webinar Replay Chat Box. If you’re using webinars this can be a great feature as it enables your webinar attendees to chat with you.

Funnel University Digital Access Pass (Value: $2997)

In addition to all the new released stuff every month, you get access to all the old Funnel University content. With this, you’ll also get access to previous DotComSecrets lab reports and test, some of which haven’t been released before.

Membership Site Overview

When you sign into your Funnel University‘s account you’ll find all the previous and recent monthly training. That’s how the dashboard looks like:

funnel u dashboard

What I think is pretty awesome is that you do not only get access to the training videos but you can also download the videos.

funnel university training

With the shared feature of ClickFunnels, you can also download each discussed funnel in your account.

funnel u shared funnels

Lastly, you can get also access to further training and materials such as the DotComSecrets Labs Funnel Repost and DotComSecrets Labs Split Test Reports.

funnelu scripts

The difference of the scripts offered in Funnel University and Funnel Scripts (see here my review) is that you’ll have to manually create the script using the downloadable template and it is only limited to six kinds of scripts.


Russell Brunson is very confident about the quality of the freebies and Funnel University itself. What this means is that if you paid for the shipping of the freebies and you didn’t like it you can get back your money without sending back the stuff.

In addition, you can cancel the Funnel U membership at any time with a single click and you can still keep the freebies.

Funnel University is 100% legit program and 0% scam! I’m a member of Funnel University myself and I can recommend it to everyone who wants to learn more about building high-converting funnels.


The whole Funnel University membership comes with a lot of value. Alone paying for all the freebies would cost you $794! In addition, with the membership benefits, you come to a total value of $7085! That is a lot of money compared to the $67/month or $597/year. I believe that you get much more value than you have to pay. The resources and training videos are very helpful for everyone who wants to increase their revenue.

I also like the printed newsletter every month because it feels very good to get a physical newsletter instead of all the digital newsletter you get every day into your inbox.

I think that the Funnel University is a great investment and I can highly recommend it to everyone!

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