CB Passive Income Review

CB Passive Income Review

As the advancement in technology continues to rise, the mushrooming of online businesses has seen a rise as well. Affiliate marketing is a lucrative venture. It only requires access to the internet and can be done from anywhere in the world. And this is where CB Passive Income 4.0 comes in.

So what is CB Passive Income?

CB Passive Income license program, as it is also known, is an email marketing product. This product was founded in August 2013 by Patric Chan as CBPI version 1.0. Patric is a best-selling author and an international speaker, and that explains why we should take the program seriously.

He also has recommendations of Corey Davis, the VP of ClickBank and Russell Brunson on his page.

The main function of this marketing tool is promoting ClickBank products via email marketing on your behalf for free. In return, you earn commission passively through affiliate marketing.

According to Patric, all you need is to buy the CBPI, and it does all the work for you. All you need is to regularly withdraw your accrued commission as this powerful program does the marketing for you. In fact, from its sales page, there are compelling testimonies and promises about the efficiency of this tool.

But you need to ask yourself, is this the case or is the CB Passive Income scam? This is what we will be looking at in this article.

How the CB Passive Income Works

As mentioned above, in August 2013, CB Passive Income 1.0 was launched. In 2014 it was updated to CBPI 2.0, in 2015 to CBPI 3.0 and finally CBPI 4.0 in 2017.

Each update saw more resources, training, and tools added to it. An example is multiple landing pages that were added in CBPI 3.0. Also added was an AI Opt-in Detector. What the detector does is identifying visitors with opt-in to your email list and directs them to a different landing page for monetization and promoting of other stuff.

The update to CBPI 4.0 saw the addition of mobile features like the Facebook click-to-opt-in. What this feature does is allowing visitors to opt-in to your list with a click of a button which automatically connects to their account. They do so by using the email addresses they used when signing up for their Facebook accounts.

Having looked at the history of the CBPI and how each added function works, we should look in detail how the whole product works. As mentioned earlier, the CBPI is an affiliate marketing tool for ClickBank products. Since it is fully automated as Patric claims, it will do all the marketing for you while helping grow your business.

This is How Email Marketing is Done

First, you will need to drive enough traffic to your landing page if you are to make any significant sales. The next step will be offering free gifts to customers and once they subscribe you collect their email addresses. The third step is following up on the subscribers and building a trustworthy relationship with them. The fourth and final step is monetizing your list. You do this by sending promotional emails to the subscribers recommending the affiliate products you are marketing.

The hardest part when it comes to online business is step 1. Generating enough traffic to your site is always a challenge especially if you are a beginner. Plenty of work has to be done to achieve success.

However, the CBPI does steps 2 and 3 for you thus you will only need to concentrate your efforts on the first part. And this is how it does it.

With a set of pre-built opt-in page templates also called a called a secret clone page, you can have a unique identity (ID) attached to your landing page. A pre-written gift to give away on your landing page for free. This is meant to lure subscribers to your page.

When they sign up to get their gift, the system tracks them and automatically sends follow up emails. After that, the system also helps you send your subscribers promotional emails with ClickBank affiliate products. If a customer buys the products through the links sent to their email, then you are given a commission. The higher the number of sales the higher the commission.

However, collecting many emails and having high traffic to your landing does not necessarily translate into sales. Sometimes it does not work. In addition, you have to know that you are not building your own list. You help Patric building his list and you get a part of the sales.

CBPI Training

The only training provided by CBPI is on how to generate traffic to your landing page. Both free and paid methods are taught. They include;

• Search engine optimization
• Social media networking and marketing
• Guest blogging/posting
• Solo Ads
• Paid ads, and
• YouTube among others.

They are easy to comprehend methods, and you learn them in one or two days. Basic email marketing training is also offered but in a much-generalized way hence adding no unique skill to help you edge out competitors in the business.

CBPI Pricing

The CBPI program despite being very powerful as Patric claims is not that expensive. The cost is $47 for one month or a one-time fee of $97. Besides that, you are given a 60-day money-refund guarantee should you find the program not suitable for you.

However, in as much is it may appear cheap, the CBPI has some hidden costs incurred during its use. This happens when you have your email list, and you may need to invest in a personal email autoresponder. It will cost you $20 to $30 monthly. Also, it has an optional upsell also called an Origin Builder that costs $37.80. The upsell is a website page-builder that has no relevance to the CBPI program since it can do that as well. In other words, it’s something you don’t need.

Who is it for?

This is not a tool for beginners as it may lead to disappointments. It is, therefore, recommended for experienced marketers who understand the market very well. These are people are excellent at generating traffic that translates to actual sales.

However, the question is if you need this tool if you are an advanced marketer as you can do everything yourself what Patric does.


The CBPI program in itself is not a scam. As shown above, the program is not expensive to acquire given that it comes with training, tools, and support.

However, whether you will earn money from it or not is a different story especially if you are a beginner. For seasoned marketers, it might turn out to be a money-making tool for the long run.

If you are a beginner in online marketing and you want to learn how to make your first dollar online I can recommend this program to you. It helped me earn my first dollar and many other people, too. So check out my review here and build your first online business today!

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